Sunday, June 7, 2015



I AM STAYING IN CORVALLIS!!! WITH SISTER PETERSON! Answer to my prayers. But here is the catch.. we are getting a third companion, Sister Yeung. She is from Hong Kong and speaks Kantanese, but she needs to learn Mandarin. Also, we are going to be teaching the chinese people in Mandarin, and none of us know how to speak that language.. should be interesting. I am super excited! We also get to do language study, which will be super awesome. I have had nightmares my entire mission that I get called to be a chinese speaking sister. (Really, I had them when I first got here.)  Now that it has happened all the nerves are gone and I am just excited. Since coming to Corvallis I have fallen in love with the Chinese people and the Chinese culture. They truly are amazing. We also found a chinese sister, Sunny, last transfer and had to hand her off to the chinese elders, but now we are going to get to teach her. 

This last week has been amazing though. Let me tell you the highlights. 

First off, for some reason I have been introducing myself as Sister Peterson, not once but multiple times throughout the week. What the? 

1. On Tuesday we were instructed to start street contacting people in a different way. The first person we talked to, Andrew, set up a return appointment for that same day at four. We taught him the restoration and invited him to be baptized. He said if the Book of Mormon is true, he would do it. GOOD NEWS PEOPLE, THE BOOK OF MORMON IS TRUE SO THAT SHOULDN'T BE A PROBLEM. 

2. We met with an investigator, Robi, who is on the ultimate frisbee team at OSU. He had dropped off the face of the earth, but we met with him and he wants the church to be true SO BAD. GOOD NEW PEOPLE, IT IS TRUE SO HE WILL BE ABLE TO FIGURE THAT OUT. 


I want to let you all know, that from the bottom of my heart, God's commandments are not restricting in anyway. I KNOW THAT THEY ARE GUIDEPOSTS TO A HAPPY AND ABUNDANT LIFE.  "It is never a sacrifice to live the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is never a sacrifice when you get more than you give. It is an investment. And the living of the gospel of Jesus Christ becomes a greater investment than any which we know because it's dividends are eternal and everlasting." - Gordon B. Hinckley. I know that from a worldly standpoint, serving a mission, giving up recreation on the Sabbath, avoiding alcohol, and keeping ourselves morally clean seem like a sacrifice with no reward. I know that the rewards we receive from doing what God asks of us are infinitely greater than anything we could do by ourselves.


Sister Jones

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