Friday, June 5, 2015

Feb. 23rd- Another week in the promised land. (aka Corvallis)


I am going to attempt to give you a detailed email about what is going on since I actually have time today! Plus I am on a normal computer... so here we go! Sorry if I repeat things.

I talked a little bit about this area in my last email. We are serving around OSU's campus. The ward is FANASTIC, you know those miracle stories you here in all of the homecoming talks? Those people live in this ward. They are all converts and I LOVE THEM!

Monday's we go to FHE, and this last Monday the Chinese elders put on a Chinese New Year! IT WAS SO FUN, and we had over 200 people show up, which is ALOT. Everyone was packed in the institute building like sardines. We had to help make the wong tongs, and it actually a lot harder to fold them than you think... we folded 535 wong tongs in total! Nonetheless, it was a glorious p-day! Then I went and helped set up, bossing everyone around because I am not really tall enough to do anything... The Chinese members were giving everyone Asian names. My Asian name was "little dumpling," and I did not appreciate that... they refused to give me a name which meant "strong," because "those are only male names." Whatevs. 

On campus we do a lot of OYMing (opening your mouth) because there are actually enough people to do that! I think it is a lot of fun, all of you should try it sometime this week :D People probably think I am crazy because I get really excited, hyper, and JUST LOVE THE GOSPEL. That is how we do a lot of our finding! We were walking around one day, and about halfway through the day, MY SHOE BROKE. We weren't anywhere close to our apartment... and it would take to much time to go there... so I just kept walking around. My feet were a little bit sore, and I might need to buy a new pair of brown shoes, but I didn't let it affect our missionary work! I 

Tuesday we go to a family history class to support a recent convert in the ward... so I was looking at my family history, and said, "oh my gosh, I have so much royalty in my family." The castles don't mean royalty people, so if you are ever doing your family history, be aware of that. ;)

Thursday we met with an investigator named Nichole. She is from the Marshall Islands and works to support her family here in America. She was on date for baptism a while ago, but she works on Sunday's. Missionaries have been fasting and praying with her for a while to try and help her out. She really wants to be baptized, and has the faith to find a new job, but she is so quiet and shy it is a struggle for her. We came by this week AND SHE TALKED TO HER BOSS. He told her that he would give her enough time off to come to sacrament meeting. Better than not coming to church at all, so we are pretty excited about that! God works miracles!

It is a lot of fun being in a YSA ward because everyone's tells you all the ward DRAMA.. who is dating who, who is getting engaged to who, who kissed who, who asked someone on a date and they didn't want to go... and everyone feels the need to tell the sister missionaries EVERYTHING. Probably because they know we wont tell anyone. I love it but hate it! 

Yes, this week I hit my nine month mark... I started crying! (literally, I started crying) WHAT DO YOU MEAN I AM HALF WAY DONE WITH MY MISSION? I decided not to think about it. Right now we are working hard to find people to teach, there isn't a whole lot going on, but we are having so much fun! I love my life right now! 

We went on exchanges with some of the sisters in the zone this week! It is fun to see how other missionaries do their missionary work, you learn ALOT! We go on exchanges to help them in their missionary work, but really they help me! Sister Giesler is the HAPPIEST and most POSITIVE person I have EVER met. She looks for the good in absolutely everything, which is a blessing! I have never heard a negative remark come out of her mouth! 

This week our WML spoke in sacrament meeting and he talked about being an ACTIVE member of the church, not a PASSIVE member of the church. We go to church to help others! To lift! THAT IS WHAT THE GOSPEL IS ALL ABOUT. MWA! LOVE YOU ALL! THE GOSPEL IS TRUE!

Sister Jones

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