Friday, June 5, 2015

Feb. 2nd- My Lovely Life

The mission always says, "Klamath Falls. Miracle pit." I feel like I say this every week.. but can I just let you know, this is a TRUE STATEMENT. This week I was overcome at how amazing God is to us!

(Before I start telling you about all the amazing things which happened this week, our faith was tried. We went to do service for a lady and she had us rake up MOLDY APPLES. I am talking huge piles of apples which were fermented, pure liquid, and had a film of white mold over the top. I thought, "Good thing I love the gospel." I can check that off of my mission bucket list...)

First off, Alvin is just the BEST. We gave him a tithing pamphlet and then came by to teach it the next day. We asked, "Alvin, did you read the pamphlet?" Alvin responded, "No, and I don't need to. I know what tithing is and I will do it." By the end of the lesson he excitedly exclaimed, "I want to pay tithing so bad. I want those blessings!" Who says that? He also calls our church HIS church, and has been putting LDS on all of his application forms. Oh, and inviting everyone he sees to his baptism. :) Keep him in your prayers, he needs to quit smoking and drinking coffee by this Saturday.

Second off, this week I had the most spiritual church meeting of my entire mission. It was fast Sunday, which automatically makes it that much more awesome. We had Alvin there of course, and almost EVERY SINGLE testimony was bore by converts in the church sharing their conversion story. Chris, Nevaya, and Lucas also bore their testimonies. (They are siblings, Chris and Nevaya are baptized but Lucas isn't. Chris is 12 and Lucas is 8. Their father is out of the picture and their mom wants absolutely nothing to do with the church.) sister Carter and I helped Chris and Lucas at the pulpit, they were just the sweetest things! Lucas also passed me notes the entire sacrament meeting on my sticky notes, saying things like, "I love church. I love God. I want to get baptized." He also tried to give me the only dollar he owns, but I told him to save it. THEY ARE THE SWEETEST LITTLE THINGS. Also, two LA families we have been working with showed up for church. and a former investigator who dropped us two months ago. OH MY GOSH.
Earlier this week, we also had a last minute meeting with half of our mission and the President. 82 missionaries, over 1/3 of our mission, are leaving in May, June, and July. He called everyone to repentance and told them to keep working hard! HAHA! It is crazy!
These are at least the highlights of the week. Lately I have been thinking about what it means to have "real intent," and I realized that real intent means we do the RIGHT THINGS for the RIGHT REASONS. We can go to church, read our scriptures, and go through the motions without getting anything out of it. This is not what God intends for us! Let us do what is right, and remember the WHY behind the gospel.

Sister Jones
Box of Sunshine!

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