Saturday, June 6, 2015



Life is crazy! Missionary work is the best! I know that some weeks I say that it is crazy.. but this week was legit crazy. I don't even know if I can remember everything which happened...

So, tender mercy! This week a less active I was working with in Klamath Falls came up to Corvallis and took me and my companion out to sushi! It was so much fun, and I got to have eel, raw fish, and crab. Lisa's daughter (the LA) Morrigan, held onto my leg the entire time we were eating dinner! IT WAS SO FUN TO SEE THEM AGAIN! Also, there was a giant tank of fish, I pointed to a crab, and I said, "hey look Sister Crabb! It is your cousins!" The little Japanese people could not stop laughing, they thought it was the funniest thing in the world! 

We also got to go to the TEMPLE!!! drum roll please... I got to go to the Portland temple! It is officially my favorite temple. It was amazing to be inside the walls of the house of the Lord... I didn't realize how much I needed it until I was in those walls. I never wanted to leave! I received a lot of revelation and answers to my prayers! 

Friday I got to go to Newport, which is on the coast for exchanges. It was so good to be on the Oregon coast again... Next to the temple, the Oregon coast is my most favorite place in the world! 

We were out of  our area for two days this week, and it has been five days since we have been able to have our normal morning studies! We have been running around helping some sisters in our zone! Once something is gone, you realize how much you appreciate it! I LOVE HAVING TWO HOURS TO SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES EVERY MORNING. Before my mission, 10 minutes felt like an hour! Now, an hour feels like ten minutes! A little part of my heart is sad when study time is over... the scriptures really are God's inspired word for us!

This morning Sister Crabb and I got to go and talk to the seminary students about the blessings our families have received since coming on our missions. Maybe you would say otherwise, but I started out by talking to them about what it really means to be blessed. Sometimes we do receive a lot of monetary blessings, but the blessings which I have grown to appreciate on my mission are the ones with eternal significance. I talked about how my family is being more missionary minded, which is the BEST BLESSING I ever could have asked for! I also have grown to appreciate all of the testimonies which you so frequently bare to me, I didn't get those as often before my mission! Even though we are not close, I feel like we are growing closer! I have truly grown to appreciate all that you do for me! I read to the students D&C 110:1-2, which talks about when you serve the Lord your family is in God's hands! I trust God with my whole heart, and I know that he will take care of you all as long as I do my part!

I love the gospel! I know that it is true with my own heart! It is a precious gift which we must share with EVERYONE we come in contact with!

John 3:29-30. We must decrease so that HE will increase. 

Sister Jones

                                         For our Zone activity we got to play nerf wars. SUPER FUN.

Alvin got baptized on Saturday! I got permission to skype him, annie, and Sister Carter! IT WAS SO HAPPY, Alvin was so excited!

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