Friday, June 5, 2015

Jan. 26th- Another Brother Unto Christ

My family emails keep getting shorter and shorter.. How mad would anyone be if I started sending out a weekly email which said, "same old, same old?" Hahaha just kidding, but really.. So much happens it is overwhelming to try and writ it all!

Funny moment of the week...I have not laughed this hard in a long time. Sister Carter and I were going through the car wash and it locked us in the car wash, but nothing was happening. Sister Carter got out of the car and was directing me when the car wash started.. But she wasn't in the car! Hahahahahaha she never made it back into the car either... FUNNIEST EXPERIENCE EVER. I am crying with laughter just thinking about it.

We went and saw Alvin this week, as usual... And he has officially decided to be baptized! He is SO EXCITED about the gospel that he can't stop telling everyone about it! When christ says to become as little children, I think that he also is meaning little children in the gospel. Little children in the gospel are not ashamed! They love it with their entire heart! It feels he, with excitement and love! Yaaaay for Alvin being baptized! We brought a guy in the ward over to one of his lessons, and the lesson turned into a "missionary present lesson" instead of a member present lesson! Haha you have got to love it :)

We had a spiritual lesson with Amy and Scott... Until Scott said, " I refuse to join any religion which tells me what I can and can't do." That ticked the member we had brought with us off. Hahahahahaha it isn't the religion, it is God, but whatever! :) keep praying for them, they would be amazing members!! They are one of our huge focus families right now! 

I know that the ONLY way to find ourself is by LOSING our lives for the Savior and His gospel. (Mark 8:35) Those we are empty are trying to find their worth on the worlds selfish terms. Neil A. Maxwell said, "BELIEVING takes the form of DOING...our lives could not truly be Christ-centered if we shunned the chores of the kingdom!" I officially have fallen in love with Klamath, I am never leaving. Also, I am extending the end date in my ministerial certificate to infinity. Love you lots, but this is where I am staying! 

Sister Jones 

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