Friday, June 5, 2015

Feb. 9th- Headed to Corvallis!

Dear Familia, 

Transfer calls came this week aaaannnnddd.. 
I was blindsided! Sister Carter is staying in Klamath and I am headed up to Corvallis! We were positive that she would be leaving and that I would be staying... But God's ways are not mans ways! I have been called to be an STL with Sister Crabb. (For those of you who don't know, STL stands for sister training leader. It is like a district leader or a zone leader, only you train other sisters in the mission.) Corvallis is as north as you get in our mission, and I am going to go to a YSA Ward! I am super nervous, but I am starting to get used to the Lord calling me to positions which I am extremely uncomfortable with. You just pray, have faith, work hard, and somehow everything works out! 

Here is also the wonderful news... I feel like crying... I ran into the sister missionary who is currently serving in Coquille. The area is BOOMING. Mindy, that investigator who I always talked about, is getting baptized in March! The nugens, an older couple, are also getting baptized! Also, memory, a little girl which I taught, is getting baptized! I am so humbled to have been a small part in their stories :) 

I am grateful for the three months which I spent in Klamath falls. During this time I relied on the Lord more than in any other time during my mission (which I think also implies any other time during my life. I have grown so much, and because of those two transfers, I know that I can get through ANYTHING which the Lord calls me too! Alvin is getting frustrated with us as we teach the commandments, because he is basically all ready living all of them. We have to go over them anyway! If that is the worst concern which he has, I am not too nervous :) Sister Carter is like a whole new person, I trust her with the area and know she will continue to progress! 

Next week I will update you on all of my new adventures! I am so sorry, I can't email you all back individually because I left this morning at 9 and am arriving at 6:30/7! 

Love you all! 

Sister Jones

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