Saturday, June 6, 2015

Mar 30th- Corvallis.. THE BAPTIZING PALACE.

My Lovely Family,

This week has been a GREAT one! My new companion, Sister Peterson, is super awesome. She is from Alpine Utah, and played Lacrosse at BYU the same time I was there. She is a ROCKING testimony, and is a very deep thinker.. which is good for me. I always just want to say, "CAN'T YOU  JUST FEEL HOW TRUE THE GOSPEL IS?" But Sister Peterson comes in with the logic behind why the gospel is true. It is a pretty good combo! She is also really funny. 

Look at all the food people gave us!

Funny moments of the week:

1. We knocked on a door looking for a member, and their door said, "Hippies use back door. No exceptions." We went to the back door. No one answered. We found out the member doesn't live there. #onlyinoregon #landoforganicfood #andhippies

2. We have three sets of missionaries in the YSA ward. During correlation the Chinese elders were talking to our ward mission leader and one of them said, "We had a miracle this week which wasn't cool." Sarcastically I said, "Was it a lame miracle?" He excitedly responded, " YES!" As he proceeded to tell us all about his miracle, we said LAME! (which is an oxy-moron, all miracles are awesome.) His Chinese companion sat there really confused and said, "What does LAME mean?" We were in the middle of correlation, so we told him that we would tell him later. He looked it up in the dictionary, and said, "OH! LAME!" and made a motion with his hands like he didn't have any legs. HAHAHA he thought we were using lame meaning crippled. WE COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING.

3. This week Sister Peterson and I got asked if we are allowed to date... multiple times. ACTUALLY, NO I CAN'T, BUT I HAVE AN AMAZING MESSAGE ABOUT THE RESTORATION OF THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. 

This week was REALLY slow since NO ONE was here over spring break. There were crickets in the street.. But we worked hard anyway, and talked to the few people we could find. We did have one super cool miracle... (not a lame miracle by any means..) We do service at a soup kitchen, and a man came up and talked to us about the church. He had met with missionaries in San Jose, and he told us he wanted to stop by our church sometime. We gave him a card and told him to give us a call. (We can't proselyte at service.) The next day I got out of the car and our friend, Steve rode by on his bike! He stopped and we shared the Book of Mormon with him and had a wonderful little lesson right on the street. Sunday morning Sister Peterson and I walked to church (it is the end of the month and we are almost out of miles) And we prayed that we would find someone to invite to church on the way there. Guess who we ran into? STEVE. AAAAH! Steve is Chinese so we are going to have to hand him over, but that is a-okay because another soul will be coming unto Christ! GOD IS GOOD. (Have I ever mentioned that before? ;) 

Nicole is still trying to come to church. We had a very bold lesson with her and said she needs to do more than just pray and read her scriptures, she NEEDS TO COME TO CHURCH. The spirit was strong, and we thought for sure she would make it... but she still didn't come Sunday. Keep her in your prayers. 

The more that I go through hard things on my mission, the more that I have learned to appreciate the things which the Savior must have gone through. I start to realize more and more the weight which was placed on his shoulders. If I have to go through trials to come closer to the Savior, that is a small price to pay. However, I am grateful for this time of the year that we have to remember the Savior's resurrection. One of my favorite chapters is Mosiah 6, more specifically 6-9 (I think. That is just off of the top of my head, I may be wrong.) Because of Jesus Christ there is a resurrection, death has no sting, and we will be able to see our families again one day. 


Sister Jones

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