Friday, June 5, 2015

Jan. 19th- Miracles, miracles, miracles.

My email time is dwindling before my face.. I am going to try and
highlight everything important.

Yes, the Oregon Ducks lost the championship game. These people were
devastated! We got special permission to watch the game, so that was a
BLAST! We were all hootin and hollerin. The quarterback for Ohio state
was c.jones... Just saying.

Sister Carter and I taught the most lessons this week that this area
has seen in the past six months! Woot! Also she is doing AMAZING!

Plus.. Super exciting, Alvin has prayed about it and wants to be
baptized on February 14th! Not quite the seventh, but we aren't
complaining. He can't get enough of the gospel! It is so amazing to
get to see the excitement that comes into individuals lives as things
start to click! They start moving forward with faith, and God
Illuminates the way before them! Keep him in your prayers!

So Vic I talked about last week? Ya, he wrote up a ten page paper
about how wrong our religion was with bible scriptures, citations,
quotes, the whole nine yards. Kinda awkward. Hahaha we laugh about it
now, but we basically left that appointment as quickly as possible.

We also went and saw two less actives on Sunday and challenged them to
come to church. We hadn't really talked with either of them before.
they both came, he first on for the first time in twelve years the
other one in thirty. MIRACLE.

Ok, so sorry but I am out of time! Aaah! But I have been thinking a
lot about what it means to have peace. Peace isn't the absence of a
trial or conflict. Peace is something we can have with us all the time
because of Jesus Christ. "peace I leave with you.. Not as the world
given, but give I unto you." Despite the world which rages on around
us, or busy life, the persecutions, we can find peace. I am so
grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Love you all!

Sister Jones

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