Friday, June 5, 2015

Feb. 16th- Beavers Fan!

Me and my new companion Sister Crabb! I LOVE HER SO MUCH.

Life is crazy. CRAZY FUN! I am not even sure where to begin to tell
you about how AMAZING this transfer is going to be!

1. My companion. Sister Crabb is from Layton and is an awesome
missionary. She has been out for a year. I have not laughed so hard on
my mission since the MTC, she is an absolute HOOT! We almost have too
much fun together, butI can't complain! It makes a huge difference to
have a companion who loves the work!

2. My area. Don't mention the Oregon Ducks, you will get shot... So in
order to stay alive I am now a Beavers fan! We are just over a YSA
Ward which is a party all the time! Missionary work isn't work when
you are having fun! It is weird to be teaching people my age, but it
is so much easier to relate to them! I AM NEVER GOING TO LEAVE
CORVALLIS. It also was raini every day for months, but the day I got
here it hasn't rained since! Everything is upset green, and I brought
Klamaths sunshine with me :) it is absolutely beautiful!

This week was spiritual awareness week on campus, so we spent a lot of
time talking to people and handing out flyers for an event the church
was doing! There were so many people we talked to who were open
(college age is the perfect age to accept the gospel.. They are all
just barely away from home and trying to figure out what they

We also had the joy of having Sister Russell, our mission presidents
wife, come out with is! She is so amazing! We taught a girl named
Palmer. Palmer doesn't believe in God (most people here don't believe
in God, which is very different from my last areas. I also found out
Oregon is the most Godless state.) the spirit was SO STRONG, there is
no way that she didn't feel the love God has for her. She wants to
believe in God, which is good because the righteous desire is there.

We are working with a lot of amazing people which I will have to feel
you in about next week! I cannot even begin to tell you how much fun I
am having..l I absolutely love this work and the gospel. God gives us
this amazing ability to feel the love which he has for people. Even
just talking with someone for twenty seconds, you can feel it! Thanks
for the prayers and all you do!

Here is to a transfer which is going to be packed with miracles!

Love you :)

Sister Jones

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