Sunday, June 7, 2015

April 20th- #GodisGood


We had a week of rain before a week of SUNSHINE!!! It has been warm and sunny these past couple of weeks! This has both a positive and a negative affect. Everyone is so much happier and willing to listen, which is amazing! But everyone also likes to party outside now. Basically everywhere you go there is a massive group of people playing beer pong. I appreciated things more when the "great and spacious building" was inside of buildings, not outside on all of the streets :) Lets just say I am grateful for the gospel morals. We found people to teach, but at the same time we experienced a lot of opposition. Satan works hard before the miracles! 

On my birthday Sister P took me to get a clown cone. What a kind companion. 

Last week Sister Peterson and I realized that none of our investigators were progressing. Zip. Zero. Nada. God whispered to us that we need to have the faith to drop people who aren't progressing and work hard to find those who are prepared! It just wasn't our teaching pools' time yet! We dropped almost everyone and spent our entire week finding. WE HAVE SEEN SO MANY MIRACLES since decided to do so. Sister Peterson is amazing and the two of us buckled down and worked hard. Neither of us are super eloquent with sharing the gospel, sometimes we are a little awkward in our approaches, but we both are obedient and work hard.

We taught Megan, that super sweet Malaysian girl, and Aiko, her japanese roommate, this week. Lets just say that it is really difficult to teach someone with NO christian background who also can't speak english. It was a struggle, and all we were talking about is prayer. I think they both left mroe confused than when we started :D HAHA!

We also taught a muslim man this week who is a direct descendant of Muhammad. That was interesting. If he actually is interested in learning more and joining the church he can never go back to Islam or he will be killed. I guess we will see what happens!

Not going to lie, it was a little discouraging to drop everyone and just find! We had a week full of miracles, however, and last night was the perfect cherry on top. We had been tracting for two hours (tracting is always an adventure) and I said, "Ok, I am done tracting. Lets go make a couple of phone calls." Luckily my companion is amazing and she said, "Lets just try a couple more doors." So we kept knocking, even though no one was home. On our very last door we tracted into a vietnamese girl who looked at us with a shocked expression and said, "who are you?" We thought that she was offended we were knocking on her door, but long story short this Trinh had been wondering if God is real. She said a prayer last night about her school work, and then that same night she  had a dream, and a friend came and spoke to her. That next day she had been watching netflix, and right before we showed up her internet died. She kept exclaiming to us, "oh my gosh. God sent Jesus to my door!" In her super sweet broken English. We testified that God had sent us to her and are excited to meet with her next week. I feel like I have read stories like this in the Ensign, and every missionary has one. "God is good.. oh God is good! We've come so much farther than we thought we would..." My homeboy's Nashville Tribute band.

A RC of five months, Sarah, joined the church against her parents wishes. They even told her she would get disowned if she joined. She got baptized anyway. This is a direct quote, and she was talking about when she told her parents she had gotten baptized. She said, "In their eyes, I told them, I became a member of the mormon church. Also, I just became a member of the KKK." HAHAHA it was super hilarious. Anyway, we were asking her about how she finds the strength to be the only member in her family. She was telling us that whenever she has the courage to bear her testimony to her parents or stand up for what she believes in, it leaves an impact that lasts longer than if she didn't say anything. I LOVED THAT. Anytime we stand up for what we believe in, people think about what we believe a little bit longer. They understand that this is something that is truly important to us-and they want to understand why.


Sister Jones
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