Monday, June 22, 2015

Jun 15- TRANSFER to Grants Pass

Ni Hao!

I don't have a whole lot of time.. I GOT TRANSFERRED. I had an inkling
of a feeling that I was leaving, and I thought I was mentally
prepped... I wasn't. It made the move a lot easier since school was
over and everyone was leaving for the summer. Corvallis changed my
entire mission. I love the YSA. I also have grown to love the Asian
people in corvallis! I am forever going to miss them! Anyone want to
go with me to China after my mission?

It is a bummer to move, but if I had to move I said it would have to
be grants pass. Guess who got her wish? THIS GIRL. I am in an area
which is four miles by four miles, but it is going to be the best area
in the mission. We will still get to do a lot of street contacting
which I am really excited about. My companion is sister Petersen (not
to be confused with sister Peterson) and reminds me SO MUCH of our
beloved Mikkel rock. She is hilarious, I love her all ready. This is
her last transfer, so I a, going to be killing a companion for the
first time. (Is is the term we use when your companion goes home after
you are their companion)

First off, a couple of items of business.. A little old couple from my
first area moved to good ol mountain green! Anyone heard of the
hassell's? Also, if they don't remember me... They are old. But I do
love them! Also, anyone heard of Van and Meghan Wallace? They also
live in mountain green. (It was our dentists friends, I told him I
would ask.)

Sorry it is transfer day, so I don't have a whole lot of time. But
this last week was pretty crazy. We had zone conference, and sister
Yeung had been having really bad intense pain in her mouth, so we
spent some time in the dentist. That is a miracle for another day.

Most of my week was spent prepping people for the summer! The YSA is
going to be teaching a lot of people over Skype which is pretty
cool... That is about all that I can really remember.

I love you all and will give you a more detailed update next week!


Sister Jones

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