Sunday, June 7, 2015

April 14th- Let it RAIN Let it RAIN Let it RAIN

I can't believe it is time to email again!

Gossip 411 in the YSA ward: EVERYONE IS GETTING MARRIED. It is marriage season people, and every week someone else has a giant shiny rock on their left index finger. TIS THE SEASON! It is fun to be a part of without actually being a part of it (if you know what I mean..) There isn't going to be anyone in the YSA ward, I swear, because everyone is either getting married or going to be home for the summer! 

FUNNY STORY: This week, we were walking around and it was bright and sunny! We were both wearing short sleeved white shirts, and I commented, "wouldn't it be funny if it started raining?" Almost immediately, giant black storm clouds rolled in, and within ten minutes it started POURING rain... and we were no where near our car! I COULDN'T STOP LAUGHING, we were so unprepared. It was freezing and we were wet, but it was a highlight of the week! It was a lot of fun :D This Oregon rain, I haven't seen in on my mission until recently! 

We are still working really hard to build up the area! Things are starting to progress, however. We are working on finding the elect! Nicole is still working on Sunday's, and this week we had a pretty intense font to table lesson with her. This is where you teach half in front of the baptismal font, half in front of the sacrament table. The spirit was SO STRONG- the member we brought started crying. However, Nicole is apprehensive to come to church and quit  her job still.. Sadly, we can't help Nicole progress if she never comes to church and she isn't willing to take the steps to get there. We are going to keep praying for her, but we might need to let Nicole have a little break and focus on some of our other investigators. 

Friday we had ZTM, where the whole zone gets together and learns from each other. There are two zone leaders and two sister training leaders who put on the whole thing, and none of us had every been in charge of a ZTM before! HAHA it was crazy, but fun nontheless. Sister Peterson and I taught half of ZTM, which was intimidating because we have so many amazing missionaries in the zone! I swear I always learn so much more from teaching than anyone I actually teach. 

BIGGEST MIRACLE OF THE WEEK: On Friday I went on exchanges with one of the sisters in the zone. We went contacting on campus, (which is where you go on campus and talk to everyone in sight) and talked to a girl named Megan from Malasia! We sat down and taught her on a bench right there on campus. She is really sweet and has only been in the United States for two weeks. She agreed to come to church on Sunday, and on Sunday SHE CAME! She brought a friend who just recently got here from Japan. Her Japanese friend, Iko, doesn't know a whole lot of English, so they didn't understand what was going on at church. HUGE MIRACLE! We are really excited to start teaching them. 

Monday we had interviews with President. Than man is so inspired! I am grateful to get to know him. Interviews were in Newport, which is on the coast, so afterward our zone got to go and play on the beach. IT WAS RAINING AND FREEZING COLD! we played on the beach anyway, but we were huddled up like little eskimos. The Oregon coast isn't warm, people! It was freezing! 

Every week I pray about what I should write home about, and usually different spiritual experiences which I have had pop into my mind. This week my testimony has really grown of Joseph Smith. I know that God spoke to this fourteen year old farm boy! I know that the priesthood keys were restored through him. President Benson said, "Joseph Smith was a prophet of the LIving God, one of the greatest prophets that has ever lived upon the earth." I love the example which Joseph Smith set by saying, "When the Lord commands. Do it." He followed instructions given to him exactly. There were times when the Lord chastised Him, but he never was chastised for the same thing twice! 


Sister Jones

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