Saturday, June 6, 2015

April 6th- Pushing Along!


How are things going? The work is progressing up here in Corvallis! 

All the Sister Training Leaders at MLC (Mission Leadership Council) with Sister Russell!

LOOK AT ALL MY AMAZING COMPANIONS! Not Pictured: Sister Carter, Sister Crabb is missing in action, and Sister Hamilton just went home! 
Selfie with my sweet little Sister Vance! 

Funny story: We were driving to a church building out in Philomath but we didn't have the address. We drove in the general direction, and finally I pulled over. No one was answering their phone, so we (we as in I) was starting to get frustrated since we were late. However, a member in the Philomath ward called and was trying to give us directions. Finally she said, "Wait, are you pulled over on teh side of the road?" We responded, "yes!" We looked over our shoulders and we were LITERALLY parked right in front of the church but on the opposite side of the street. HAHAHAHA, this brought new meaning to the scriptures which says we shouldn't, "look beyond the mark!"

A couple of updates: Remember how I told you about that man Steve who we keep running into on the streets? He showed up at the institute on Sunday right before conference started. WHAAAT? God is good to us! 

Also, last week I told you my favorite scripture was Mosiah 6... awkward, it is actually Mosiah 16. That has been bothering me all week. 

This week we set up another booth on campus to hand out #becausehelives cards. No leprechauns tried to talk to us this time, so it was relatively calm. We also went to MLC this week which was AWESOME. We were so spiritually fed! It really has changed how Sister Peterson and I have approached our missionary work! 

Anyway, Sister Peterson and I set some high finding goals for this week because our teaching pool diminished after spring break... BUT WE REACHED THEM! In between sessions of conference we were determined to find one new investigator, so we would go out street contacting! We would talk to EVERYONE and no one would be interested.. but right before we would go back into conference we would say, "lets try just one more person!" And WALA, God would place someone in our paths!

Sorry I am running out of time, this is not going to be a long email! (also, I didn't have time to write in my journal this week, so I partly can't remember what happened...) I hope that you will forgive me. I know that the words we heard from the prophets this weekend were true, however! We heard so much inspired council! We are so privileged to get to hear from God's chosen and ordained servants.  I especially loved Wilford W. Nelson's talk when he said, "I can teach you to dance but you have to hear the music.. we learn the dance steps with our MINDS but we feel the dance steps with our HEARTS!" I attest that this is true! We can go through the motions of the gospel but that isn't the point- the point is to partake of the fruit that the gospel can bring. 


Sister Jones


                                                                      We decorated Easter eggs! 

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