Monday, November 30, 2015



FUNNY STORY: We were heart attacking an investigator (putting hearts
on her door). A man walked by and we said, "HEY!" And he said, "What
are you doing?" I said, "Heart attacking someone's door." He freaked
out and said, "Are you witches?" I said, "No, oh my gosh did we give
you a heart attack?" That freaked him out even more. We ended up
having a great conversation with him about the gospel though, it was a
really funny experience.

MIRACLE: Rhonda is getting baptized. She is the one who has come to
church for the past year and refused to be baptized. There are some
things which need to be approved before she can get baptized, but let
me tell about the spirit...

So we have been praying for Rhonda. She came to a members house and
the member shared a message about prayer. The next day Rhonda and a
member Jason were the only ones who came to our gospel discussion
class. (PERFECT: We picked out a talk just for Rhonda.) Afterward, we
talked to Rhonda about why she wouldn't be baptized. We helped her
understand she is living the baptismal covenant right now, so she wont
break her covenant after she is baptized. God is good to us :)

Miracle #2: A couple weeks we tracted into a man named Marco. We had a
wonderful conversation, he took a book of mormon, and at the end he
said, "This conversation went a lot better than expected." We found
out this week he is a RC's husband, which we didn't know... how cool
is that?

I taught at my last ZTM this week. I love being a missionary, and I
know how there is authority and power which comes with the call that
is very real. I am grateful that God can use all of us as his mouth
pieces as we are obedient, live worthy, and head the promptings of the

In sacrament meeting, a man spoke and said he served in RIO. I went up
to him after the meeting since he looked about my age.. I said, "Did
you know an Elder Jones?" He said, "Mike Jones?" YES!!! So dad was his
zone leader. (DAD: His name is Scott schultz) He said that dad was a
lot of fun to serve around and that he was a great missionary. How
cool is that? (Also, dad he says hi.)


Sister Jones

Nov 2- Lots of tracting

Hello from Oregon! 

Embarrassing moment of the week: Sunday morning has I was getting ready for church, I stabbed myself in the eyeball with a safety pin. (Don't ask) Granted, I don't know if I got the eyeball or the eyelid.. Either way it hurt pretty bad. I laid on the couch for a half hour because I couldn't open it. We were late to ward council and my eye was red and puffy and watery, and since my eye was watery my nose was running as well. I was pretty embarrassed since we don't know anyone super well yet... But the eyeball is fine now. 

This week was basically full of tracting, which does start to get tedious after a while. We found someone new to teach, but her return appointment fell through. We are fasting and praying for our area. 

Our only investigator is named Rhonda, and the elders gave her to us. She has a complicated story and isn't technically an investigator, but she has been going to church, reading, and praying, for a year. She won't get baptized, and no one is sure why... We will see what God can do :) 

Tuesday we had the ward party, and we got to be the taste testers for the pie and soup contest. That was pretty awesome. 

As I was reading through the Book of Mormon I came across a scripture in Helaman 4:13 which states, "And because of this their great wickedness, and their BOASTINGS IN THEIR OWN STRENGTH, they were LEFT IN THEIR OWN STRENGTH; therefore they did not prosper."

This in turn made me think of a scripture in 2 Nephi 20:15 which says, "Shall the ax boast itself against him that heweth therewith? Shall the saw magnify itself against him that shaketh it? As if the rod should shake itself against them that lift it up, or as if the staff should lift up itself as if it were no wood." This scripture talks about how an tools are NOTHING without someone to maneuver them. It doesn't matter if you are the "latest model," or the "sharpest tool in the shed," you are utterly useless without a skilled owner. On that note, we can be in pristine condition, but without God it doesn't really matter. On the flip side, if God is our owner, if we allow Christ to lead us, what can't we accomplish? It doesn't matter if we are old, rusty, bent, or broken. He can accomplish whatever he needs because we are perfect, he is not. 

I have tried to do things my own way often on my mission. From experience, it doesn't turn out very well. God is helping me to rely completely on him while here in Santa Clara. It has been a very humbling experience. I obviously still have things to learn and accomplish! 

I love you all! 

Sister Jones

Oct 26th- Santa Clara 3rd Ward

HELLO!!! Santa Clara 3rd ward has treated us well so far.

I was excited to open an area, but I don't think I realized what that really entailed... Basically we have been tracting all day everyday, which can be monotonous. I am really antsy to find people to teach. I am having teaching separation anxiety.
My area: We are sharing a ward with elders. The ward seems nice, but I miss the people in Grants Pass.
My companion: Sister Asregadoo is from California and has been out six months. She has the biggest heart of anyone that I know. She loves the people and is going to be great.

The work: We found a couple solid Potentials when we first when Tracting on Tuesday, but over the curse of the rest of the week we felt like nothing was productive. We were praying a lot to be guided. On Sunday we had a pretty cool experience. Sister Asregadoo and I felt prompted that we should tract a certain street that day, so as we pulled up to the street there was someone walking down the street. We went over and talked to her, and she invited us back to her home. Right after talking with her we felt prompted to go to another street. A couple days prior we had talked to a man named Marco. God told us to walk down the street and Marco would be outside... When we walked down the street, there he was, outside fixing a light bulb. He opened us to us about how he wonders what is the point of life? Why has it been so hard for him? We gave him a Book of Mormon and testified of the Plan of Salvation. After that we went to a name of a member who was sticking out to us on the member list, and they are a PM family and we are going to start teaching their daughter the gospel. Sister Asregadoo and I were in awe- I don't tell you this to boast of ourselves, by any means. I tell you this because I know that God tests our faith, and I also know that we need to follow through with exactness any promptings which come our way.
I have never served in Eugene area my whole mission, and when the new missionaries come into the field we get to sing to them. We sing the EFY medley, "Armies of Helaman" and "Sisters of Zion." I cried. I wished so bad that I was sitting in the place of all those new missionaries, so much time ahead of me to serve in the Lord's vineyard!
I love you all!
Sister Jones

Sister Training Leader Call

20 October 2015

Dear Sister Corinne Jones,

You have been called to serve as a Sister Training Leader, we are pleased with your dedication and faith. The Lord will lift you and the Holy Spirit will guide you in this assignment.

Under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost you will lead your missionaries, teaching and providing the example for obedience, diligence and working by the spirit.  Specifically, you will lead by example in planning, finding, teaching, inviting and baptizing. Help each sister missionary have a vision, to set goals and plan with great devotion. Help them to inspire and teach members. You earn the missionary's respect when you demonstrate effective work in your own area.  As you produce and bring people to Christ, building a successful area, missionaries will want to be like you. You are expected to lead the way with your area; you should lead out in all key indicators.

Lead by example - look at the sons of Helaman for an example: "And they were all young men (applies to women), and they were exceedingly valiant for courage, and also for strength and activity; but behold this was not all - they were men who were true at all times in whatsoever thing they were entrusted.  Yea, they were men of truth and soberness, for they had been taught to keep the commandments of God and to walk uprightly before him."  Alma 53:20-21

Through your special talents and gifts, God will provide you with heavenly inspiration. Through your faithful obedience and dedication to the work, various blessings and endowments will be poured out upon you. You will be guided in your work; He will inspire you. Be true at all times and remember not only do I trust you, but so does the Lord!  In addition to the above counsel, please see attached specific duties of a Sister Training Leader.

With profound love,

H. Jeffery Russell

Mission President

Oct 12- Another week.... In GP.

Oct 5- Harvest Season


We went to the zoo today, so I don't have a whole lot of time... But
it was a fantastic week.

Miracle: We were making sandwiches for lunch, just like normal people
do. We decided to toast it so we warmed up the oven and put it inside.
Sister Doxey, after a while, said, "why does the oven smell weird?" I
respond that is normal, we don't use it very often. Shortly after that
our fire alarms go off, so we open the doors and air out the house. We
still hadn't checked on the sandwiches in the oven. Finally I check,
and our sandwiches are literally bursting into flames. ALL IS WELL AND

We had a weird week because so much was going on. Tuesday we had
interviews with President.  He gave me some wonderful council, and I
do love that man! We did service for the food bank cutting up squash,
served at the soup kitchen, helped rake leaves at the women's
shelter... I love service! :D it was also interesting because his week
is harvest week. So, in missionary terms, the field is white all ready
to harvest. That usually means baptisms. However, it is marijuana
harvesting season, so everyone is getting antsy. (Since marijuana is
legal and basically everyone grows it.) I do love Oregon.

Sally is doing awesome! Monika wants to be baptized! Shadeed and Nando
are awesome, they just need to get off of parole! We met an
investigator who is golden we are handing off to other missionaries!
Bobby can't quit smoking! Things keep moving along!

Wasn't conference amazing? I have reflected on the amazing words of
our prophet and his chosen apostles. I know they are men acting under
the direction of the spirit! Sister Doxey and I have all ready started
"ponderizing," along with some of the women in our Ward. We watched a
session with Monika, and she cried during Elder Hollands talk. (Who
didn't?) it was absolutely amazing.

I love you all and will give you a more updated email next week!

Sister Jones

Saturday, October 3, 2015


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sept 21- One Way Streets


Sept 7th- Staying in GP


Mom - I am not going to send out my email to everyone anymore, so if there is anyone else who wants it you can forward it to them!

Transfer calls, I am going to be staying in Grants Pass with Sister Doxey. I am excited to stay here in Grants Pass - it is an amazing area with an amazing ward. I know that I always say that, but it is true! Sister Doxey and I are ready to work hard, I am probably going to get six week shafted, so we want to baptize everyone this next transfer. (six week shafted is when they put you in a different area for six weeks before you go home.)

On Tuesday I got to go to the coast, and I drove through Coquille! It was really nostalgic - I wanted to stop and say hi to everyone SO BAD. The transfer van didn't have time to stop though! *Sigh* I love that little place. Tears thought about coming to my eyes!

It was a crazy week because then I taught at ZTM on Friday on "inspired questions." I have realized a lot about asking a question and then listening. If you want to teach someone, it is WAY more effective to ask an inspired question than it is to talk to them. Someone said, "The confident ask questions to help others make a connection. The insecure talk and hope something sticks." I liked that. Listening benefits someone a lot more than talking does. 

MIRACLE: Last transfer Sister Petersen and I made a goal to find four new investigators in a day. We worked hard all day and... nothing. At the very end of the night we saw a family playing games in a house window, so we knocked on the door. They were super nice and let us in, but told us they were not interested at all. We appreciated their kindness and left. Last week, a girl named Sarah called, told us she had been reading the book of mormon, and she wants to get together with us. SHE WAS ONE OF THE PEOPLE IN THAT HOUSE. I guess we never know what kind of impact we can make. God is really good to us. 

We also dropped momma Gandy. She isn't willing to live the commandments which are required of us. So sad. WE KNOW THE GOSPEL IS WORTH IT CHRISTINE. 

Here is my spiritual thought of the week... We have an investigator who is going through a lot, and I have been thinking a lot about the purpose of life. Right now we are preparing our souls to see God again. God, in his loving mercy, molds is into who we need to be. "[I] will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as God is tried: they shall call on my name, and I will hear them: I will say, it is my people: and they shall say, The Lord is my God." (Zech 13:9) That refining is sometimes a painful and uncomfortable process. Life seems hard, overwhelming, and overbearing at times. We are promised that, "our.. Affliction, WHICH IS BUT FOR A MOMENT, worketh for is a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory." (2 Cor 4:17) Our affliction is a small moment? AND because of our afflictions we can receive an abundance of glory? I realized that if the test was easy, there would be no accomplishment. There would be no tears of joy when we finished all we were sent here to accomplish. A mission brings so much satisfaction because it is so dang hard, and life is no different. We have the Saviors promise in Isaiah 41:12, "Fear not; I will help thee." (look up that scripture..he even promises he will be holding our hand as we go through trials.)

I testify God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost, will always be there to help us. 

Praying for you all!


Sister Jones

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Aug 31st- Hello :)

Aug 24th- Random Tidbits of the Week

Aug. 17th- Deep thoughts from Sister Jones

Hello from Grants Pass!

I don't cry, but throughout the week I felt like randomly bursting into tears.THE HOLY GHOST IS REAL.

One instance was when Bobby gave us his last four cigarettes. Four. How easy would it have been to just smoke the last four cigarettes? WHO DOES THAT? I felt the spirit so strong has he demonstrated his sincere desire to follow the Savior, Jesus Christ.

Another instance was when Monika came to church. My favorite smell in the chapel is the smell of smoke. Someone is trying their best to come closer to the Savior. I know that God notices the little things and the efforts which we make. "A saint is a sinner which keeps on trying." Just because you can't smell my sins doesn't mean they aren't there, but the smell of smoke is the definition of a SAINT. 

One day we finished daily planning and I reflected on our day. I thought about how at the beginning of my mission I might have described the day as, "long, hot, and unproductive." That really wasn't what I thought. I felt so humbled to know that I represented the Savior that day in talking to everyone about the gospel. I wouldn't want to be doing anything else than walking around and sharing our unique message to the world. 

The gospel is true! I love a scripture in Alma 15:16 which says, "And it came to pass that Alma and Amulek, Amulek having forsaken all his gold, and silver, and his precious things, which were in the land of Ammonihah, for the word of God, he being rejected by those who were once his friends and also by his father and his kindred;" Amulek gave up EVERYTHING for the gospel. His worldly wealth, the people who he associated with.. WHY?? BECAUSE IT IS TRUE. None of those things come close to comparing with the joy which comes from understanding the atonement!

I love you all!

Sister Jones


Aug 3rd- Sister Doxey


My new companion: Sister Doxey, from Roy Utah. Just finished her first year at BYU Provo. 

Beacon Hill Weather: SUPER  HOT. Also, there is a forest fire somewhere close by, so there is smoke EVERYWHERE and it is difficult to breath. It makes everything that much more of an adventure.

Companion Status: She has so much faith. I made a conscious effort to not cap her faith when she came into the field. I was excited to get a new companion because new missionaries are always expecting miracles, so then they happen. The number of miracles seen since she came into the field: infinity. She came into the field ready to WORK. She knows her scriptures, is bold and fearless, and isn't going through any of the normal "adjusting to missionary life" negatives. IT IS AMAZING.

My Week: The first couple of the days this week I was with Sister Holliday before Sister Doxey flew in. She came in on Wednesday, but we didn't meet each other until ThursdayWednesday night I got to stay with SISTER VANCE, my other baby! She has changed SO MUCH, and it was good to talk with her. Someone we gave a Book of Mormon to is now going on a mission from Coquille. Also, Mary-Ann is going through the temple this month. I love hearing these things, it is good to know that your efforts aren't wasted. Mission blessings, God watches out for us. 

So, Thursday Sister Doxey and I came back to our area. She is very intelligent (she studied Hebrew in college to better understand the old testament.) She also doesn't care what people think. At all. So this week we have done some pretty crazy things to find people to teach - we crashed a wedding reception and a large birthday party at a park. HAHA. IT HAS BEEN A BLAST! We met a man we shared a Book of Mormon with who said he has always believed that Jesus came to the Americas. He said, "I guess I have been Mormon my whole life and didn't even know it." YES, actually you have believed all this stuff since the pre-earth life, but we didn't point that out. 

Investigators on Date to be Baptized: The Gandy's are struggling with keeping commitments. Keep praying for them. 

Wrap up/spiritual thought: It has been the best four days of my life. (Everyone is used to me exaggerating by now, right?) Sister Doxey and I are VERY different, but it works well together. I really don't have any complaints. I think time should STOP right now, that would be amazing. 

I love you all! I have thought a lot about what it would be like to see the face of the Savior this week-and I realized that I do see his face, everyday. When I read the scriptures. When I bare testimony. When people see the atonement work in their life. When my companion serves me. When members give of their time and energy to help us out. EVERYDAY IS FULL OF MIRACLES. 

The church is true, I love you all!

Sister Jones

July 27th- Transfer Monday!

July 20th- After much tribulation


This week EVERY lesson we had planned fell through. Every single one! It happens :) Haha! After much tribulation comes the blessings, and we had a huge blessing.

The first day of the transfer Sister Petersen and I had found a new investigator named Monika. Earlier this week we stopped by and Monika wasn't home, but her husband was. We invited him to talk with us when we talked to Monika, and he said, "Maybe." On Friday we finally sat down with Monika and Rob. They are both really "tough" looking people. I have never heard more colorful words in my life than what comes out of Monika's mouth, and Rob is equally as intimidating. We got talking, and Monika has investigated almost every religion.. except for mormonism. She doesn't believe in God, but she knows that somehow, somewhere, she will be able to receive the answers which she needs. We had a really powerful lesson on the atonement of Jesus Christ. I know that he can heal us-physically, emotionally, spiritually. He can heal a life which has been torn apart through disobedience to the commandments. THAT is pretty remarkable. Monika and Rob both cried, and I am so grateful that the spirit of the Lord was able to touch their hearts. 

I love each and every one of you! I am almost out of time today, but this next week is Sister Petersen's last week in the mission field, and we are planning on working the hardest we ever have. She has a heart of gold.

Love you all!

Sister Jones

Facials with the sisters.



Sunday, August 2, 2015



Oregon Fun Fact of the Week:
On July 1, 2015, marijuana was officially legalized.

This week was great, we are seeing a lot of success in this area. God has prepared the hearts of so many people. I can't remember who I have talked about, but we are working with the greatest people.

Fourth of July was great! We had three dinners that day (I have never eaten so much in my life.) We had a dinner with a lady we do service with at the soup kitchen. We love her to pieces, and she loves us! She brought a friend, and we found out that they both have members of their family that go to our church. That was pretty cool! One of our dinners was also with another family in the ward. Celeste is the mom and she is HILARIOUS. She invited her neighbors, and as she was calling people she would say. "Come have delicious food. The sister missionaries are also here from our church, and we want you to come so we can convert you." HAHA, she cracks me up! She doesn't beat around the bush that is for sure. 


The Gandy family came to church finally! WOOT WOOT! We had a really spiritual lesson with them on building our foundation on Jesus Christ. Keep them in your prayers!

Shadee agreed to be baptized this last week and is inviting his whole family to our lesson with him later tonight. He is on probation since he just got out of jail six months ago... BUT miracles happen.

How do you spell Mufasa (like from the lion king)? Well, the other week we found a new investigator who is a huge man with a super gnarly chain tattoo around his bicep. For a living he is a glass blower and he makes drug paraphernalia. He is a pretty cool guy mom, so don't worry. I am amazed at his honesty and integrity. We taught him the plan of salvation this last week and we love working with him. 


A reoccurring spiritual theme of the week seems to be darkness vs. light.  A lot of people are upset the world seems to be turning towards darkness. I always share this scripture with people who see this way, "(Mosiah 16:9) He is the light and the life of the world; yea, a light that is endless, that can never be darkened; yea, and also a life which is endless that there can be no more death." It doesn't matter how dark things get in our world, our families, or our lives, the light of Christ will NEVER fail us. In this last conference Elder Quentin L. Cook said, "If the grim realities you are facing at this time seem dark and heavy and almost unbearable, remember that in the soul-wrenching darkness of Gethsemane and the incomprehensible torture and pain of Calvary, the Savior accomplished the Atonement, which resolves the most terrible burdens that can occur in this life. He did it for you, and He did it for me. He did it because He loves us and because He obeys and loves His Father. We will be rescued from death-even from the depths of the sea."

Jesus Christ really is the light and the life of my life! Without Him I wouldn't be able to put on foot in front of the other day after STINKING HOT day. He is the reason I keep knocking doors even when no one wants to listen. He is the reason that I am HAPPY amidst the trials and tribulations in my life! He is the reason I can face opposition with a grin! I love His gospel, and I feel so privileged I have the opportunity to share is LIGHT with the people of Oregon!

Love you all, have a great week!

Sister Jones

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June 29-GP

Temple Trip:

I love this place :)
So on Monday I had dinner with Sister Sill (from Mtn. Green) and her friend from the ward. They asked me my deepest darkest secret and I couldn't think of one other than I always wet my pants (which I have only done once on my mission). So guess what they do? Text mom and ask. Mom told them about the time I got a ticket for weaving in and out of construction cones. Darn it. She also told them about the gold fish story at college... If you haven't heard that story, ask me after my mission. Way to build member trust right? ;) 
Tender mercy of the week: we were on our way to an appointment and there was a grandma and her kids going on a walk. As we drove by the Spirit said, "Stop and talk to them." Silly spirit, we are late for an appointment. Our appointment fell through and so we were driving back and the family was still walking. The Spirit said, " Really, talk to them." This time I obliged; we pulled over and I talked to them. Guess what? The grandma was less than enthused I had stopped her. She was REALLY not interested, but one of the grand daughters was named Bekah, and the other went by Gabbi. That was pretty cool. I didn't think anything of it and we drove away. 
Later in the week we received a member referral and as I knocked on the door guess who answered? Bekah! I was super confused, and her mom came to the door and she said, "Bekah told me about a missionary who had sisters named Bekah and Gabbi! Come on in!" So we came in and talked to the mom and Bekah. Long story short, I adopted Bekah as my younger sister, the mom Holly cried, and they want us to come back. The Lord works in marvelous ways! Moral of the story: I should listen to the Spirit the first time around! 
Another tender mercy. During sacrament meeting, Lilly, our 9 year old going on 20 investigator, leaned over, gave me a hug and whispered, "Thanks for teaching me about my loving Father in Heaven." I wanted to start crying. If that isn't joy, I don't know what is. 
Other highlights: Shadee, (pronounced Shawtie in a gangster voice) is super golden and remembered the whole restoration. 
Bobby, the father of the Gandy family, is reading the Book of Mormon like crazy. The rest of his family isn't as into it. Keep them in your prayers! 
Good things are happening in Beacon Hill! Remember how I said I am never leaving Corvallis? Well, now I am never leaving Beacon Hill. I need to learn to trust God. You think I would have it figured out by now don't you? 
Miracle: did I mention last week our house had an ant problem? When we showed up, no one had lived in our apartment for three weeks. There were dirty dishes in the sink... And ants everywhere. Not like an ant here or there... Our counters are black so you could t actually see the ants, you could just see our counter top moving. Ha ha! We finally got rid of all the ants this week :) Hallelujah! 
Also, I am still alive even though this week it hit 113 degrees. No joke. I am some wicked awesome tan lines though! Walking around in that kind of weather builds character :) 

Good things are happening in Oregon! 

I love you all! The gospel is true! 

Sister Jones 

Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22- Borderline

Jun 15- TRANSFER to Grants Pass

Ni Hao!

I don't have a whole lot of time.. I GOT TRANSFERRED. I had an inkling
of a feeling that I was leaving, and I thought I was mentally
prepped... I wasn't. It made the move a lot easier since school was
over and everyone was leaving for the summer. Corvallis changed my
entire mission. I love the YSA. I also have grown to love the Asian
people in corvallis! I am forever going to miss them! Anyone want to
go with me to China after my mission?

It is a bummer to move, but if I had to move I said it would have to
be grants pass. Guess who got her wish? THIS GIRL. I am in an area
which is four miles by four miles, but it is going to be the best area
in the mission. We will still get to do a lot of street contacting
which I am really excited about. My companion is sister Petersen (not
to be confused with sister Peterson) and reminds me SO MUCH of our
beloved Mikkel rock. She is hilarious, I love her all ready. This is
her last transfer, so I a, going to be killing a companion for the
first time. (Is is the term we use when your companion goes home after
you are their companion)

First off, a couple of items of business.. A little old couple from my
first area moved to good ol mountain green! Anyone heard of the
hassell's? Also, if they don't remember me... They are old. But I do
love them! Also, anyone heard of Van and Meghan Wallace? They also
live in mountain green. (It was our dentists friends, I told him I
would ask.)

Sorry it is transfer day, so I don't have a whole lot of time. But
this last week was pretty crazy. We had zone conference, and sister
Yeung had been having really bad intense pain in her mouth, so we
spent some time in the dentist. That is a miracle for another day.

Most of my week was spent prepping people for the summer! The YSA is
going to be teaching a lot of people over Skype which is pretty
cool... That is about all that I can really remember.

I love you all and will give you a more detailed update next week!


Sister Jones

Thursday, June 11, 2015

June 8th- HEEEEEY!


Sister Yeung LOVES icecream, this is at Baskin Robbins! 

We had a lesson with an investigator, Nicole, and our member Nancy fell asleep. (We were watching Joseph Smith prophet of the restoration)

My two wonderful companions and my very favorite member Lyndzi!