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Oregon Fun Fact of the Week:
On July 1, 2015, marijuana was officially legalized.

This week was great, we are seeing a lot of success in this area. God has prepared the hearts of so many people. I can't remember who I have talked about, but we are working with the greatest people.

Fourth of July was great! We had three dinners that day (I have never eaten so much in my life.) We had a dinner with a lady we do service with at the soup kitchen. We love her to pieces, and she loves us! She brought a friend, and we found out that they both have members of their family that go to our church. That was pretty cool! One of our dinners was also with another family in the ward. Celeste is the mom and she is HILARIOUS. She invited her neighbors, and as she was calling people she would say. "Come have delicious food. The sister missionaries are also here from our church, and we want you to come so we can convert you." HAHA, she cracks me up! She doesn't beat around the bush that is for sure. 


The Gandy family came to church finally! WOOT WOOT! We had a really spiritual lesson with them on building our foundation on Jesus Christ. Keep them in your prayers!

Shadee agreed to be baptized this last week and is inviting his whole family to our lesson with him later tonight. He is on probation since he just got out of jail six months ago... BUT miracles happen.

How do you spell Mufasa (like from the lion king)? Well, the other week we found a new investigator who is a huge man with a super gnarly chain tattoo around his bicep. For a living he is a glass blower and he makes drug paraphernalia. He is a pretty cool guy mom, so don't worry. I am amazed at his honesty and integrity. We taught him the plan of salvation this last week and we love working with him. 


A reoccurring spiritual theme of the week seems to be darkness vs. light.  A lot of people are upset the world seems to be turning towards darkness. I always share this scripture with people who see this way, "(Mosiah 16:9) He is the light and the life of the world; yea, a light that is endless, that can never be darkened; yea, and also a life which is endless that there can be no more death." It doesn't matter how dark things get in our world, our families, or our lives, the light of Christ will NEVER fail us. In this last conference Elder Quentin L. Cook said, "If the grim realities you are facing at this time seem dark and heavy and almost unbearable, remember that in the soul-wrenching darkness of Gethsemane and the incomprehensible torture and pain of Calvary, the Savior accomplished the Atonement, which resolves the most terrible burdens that can occur in this life. He did it for you, and He did it for me. He did it because He loves us and because He obeys and loves His Father. We will be rescued from death-even from the depths of the sea."

Jesus Christ really is the light and the life of my life! Without Him I wouldn't be able to put on foot in front of the other day after STINKING HOT day. He is the reason I keep knocking doors even when no one wants to listen. He is the reason that I am HAPPY amidst the trials and tribulations in my life! He is the reason I can face opposition with a grin! I love His gospel, and I feel so privileged I have the opportunity to share is LIGHT with the people of Oregon!

Love you all, have a great week!

Sister Jones

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