Monday, November 30, 2015

Oct 26th- Santa Clara 3rd Ward

HELLO!!! Santa Clara 3rd ward has treated us well so far.

I was excited to open an area, but I don't think I realized what that really entailed... Basically we have been tracting all day everyday, which can be monotonous. I am really antsy to find people to teach. I am having teaching separation anxiety.
My area: We are sharing a ward with elders. The ward seems nice, but I miss the people in Grants Pass.
My companion: Sister Asregadoo is from California and has been out six months. She has the biggest heart of anyone that I know. She loves the people and is going to be great.

The work: We found a couple solid Potentials when we first when Tracting on Tuesday, but over the curse of the rest of the week we felt like nothing was productive. We were praying a lot to be guided. On Sunday we had a pretty cool experience. Sister Asregadoo and I felt prompted that we should tract a certain street that day, so as we pulled up to the street there was someone walking down the street. We went over and talked to her, and she invited us back to her home. Right after talking with her we felt prompted to go to another street. A couple days prior we had talked to a man named Marco. God told us to walk down the street and Marco would be outside... When we walked down the street, there he was, outside fixing a light bulb. He opened us to us about how he wonders what is the point of life? Why has it been so hard for him? We gave him a Book of Mormon and testified of the Plan of Salvation. After that we went to a name of a member who was sticking out to us on the member list, and they are a PM family and we are going to start teaching their daughter the gospel. Sister Asregadoo and I were in awe- I don't tell you this to boast of ourselves, by any means. I tell you this because I know that God tests our faith, and I also know that we need to follow through with exactness any promptings which come our way.
I have never served in Eugene area my whole mission, and when the new missionaries come into the field we get to sing to them. We sing the EFY medley, "Armies of Helaman" and "Sisters of Zion." I cried. I wished so bad that I was sitting in the place of all those new missionaries, so much time ahead of me to serve in the Lord's vineyard!
I love you all!
Sister Jones

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