Monday, November 30, 2015

Oct 5- Harvest Season


We went to the zoo today, so I don't have a whole lot of time... But
it was a fantastic week.

Miracle: We were making sandwiches for lunch, just like normal people
do. We decided to toast it so we warmed up the oven and put it inside.
Sister Doxey, after a while, said, "why does the oven smell weird?" I
respond that is normal, we don't use it very often. Shortly after that
our fire alarms go off, so we open the doors and air out the house. We
still hadn't checked on the sandwiches in the oven. Finally I check,
and our sandwiches are literally bursting into flames. ALL IS WELL AND

We had a weird week because so much was going on. Tuesday we had
interviews with President.  He gave me some wonderful council, and I
do love that man! We did service for the food bank cutting up squash,
served at the soup kitchen, helped rake leaves at the women's
shelter... I love service! :D it was also interesting because his week
is harvest week. So, in missionary terms, the field is white all ready
to harvest. That usually means baptisms. However, it is marijuana
harvesting season, so everyone is getting antsy. (Since marijuana is
legal and basically everyone grows it.) I do love Oregon.

Sally is doing awesome! Monika wants to be baptized! Shadeed and Nando
are awesome, they just need to get off of parole! We met an
investigator who is golden we are handing off to other missionaries!
Bobby can't quit smoking! Things keep moving along!

Wasn't conference amazing? I have reflected on the amazing words of
our prophet and his chosen apostles. I know they are men acting under
the direction of the spirit! Sister Doxey and I have all ready started
"ponderizing," along with some of the women in our Ward. We watched a
session with Monika, and she cried during Elder Hollands talk. (Who
didn't?) it was absolutely amazing.

I love you all and will give you a more updated email next week!

Sister Jones

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