Monday, November 30, 2015



FUNNY STORY: We were heart attacking an investigator (putting hearts
on her door). A man walked by and we said, "HEY!" And he said, "What
are you doing?" I said, "Heart attacking someone's door." He freaked
out and said, "Are you witches?" I said, "No, oh my gosh did we give
you a heart attack?" That freaked him out even more. We ended up
having a great conversation with him about the gospel though, it was a
really funny experience.

MIRACLE: Rhonda is getting baptized. She is the one who has come to
church for the past year and refused to be baptized. There are some
things which need to be approved before she can get baptized, but let
me tell about the spirit...

So we have been praying for Rhonda. She came to a members house and
the member shared a message about prayer. The next day Rhonda and a
member Jason were the only ones who came to our gospel discussion
class. (PERFECT: We picked out a talk just for Rhonda.) Afterward, we
talked to Rhonda about why she wouldn't be baptized. We helped her
understand she is living the baptismal covenant right now, so she wont
break her covenant after she is baptized. God is good to us :)

Miracle #2: A couple weeks we tracted into a man named Marco. We had a
wonderful conversation, he took a book of mormon, and at the end he
said, "This conversation went a lot better than expected." We found
out this week he is a RC's husband, which we didn't know... how cool
is that?

I taught at my last ZTM this week. I love being a missionary, and I
know how there is authority and power which comes with the call that
is very real. I am grateful that God can use all of us as his mouth
pieces as we are obedient, live worthy, and head the promptings of the

In sacrament meeting, a man spoke and said he served in RIO. I went up
to him after the meeting since he looked about my age.. I said, "Did
you know an Elder Jones?" He said, "Mike Jones?" YES!!! So dad was his
zone leader. (DAD: His name is Scott schultz) He said that dad was a
lot of fun to serve around and that he was a great missionary. How
cool is that? (Also, dad he says hi.)


Sister Jones

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