Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Aug 3rd- Sister Doxey


My new companion: Sister Doxey, from Roy Utah. Just finished her first year at BYU Provo. 

Beacon Hill Weather: SUPER  HOT. Also, there is a forest fire somewhere close by, so there is smoke EVERYWHERE and it is difficult to breath. It makes everything that much more of an adventure.

Companion Status: She has so much faith. I made a conscious effort to not cap her faith when she came into the field. I was excited to get a new companion because new missionaries are always expecting miracles, so then they happen. The number of miracles seen since she came into the field: infinity. She came into the field ready to WORK. She knows her scriptures, is bold and fearless, and isn't going through any of the normal "adjusting to missionary life" negatives. IT IS AMAZING.

My Week: The first couple of the days this week I was with Sister Holliday before Sister Doxey flew in. She came in on Wednesday, but we didn't meet each other until ThursdayWednesday night I got to stay with SISTER VANCE, my other baby! She has changed SO MUCH, and it was good to talk with her. Someone we gave a Book of Mormon to is now going on a mission from Coquille. Also, Mary-Ann is going through the temple this month. I love hearing these things, it is good to know that your efforts aren't wasted. Mission blessings, God watches out for us. 

So, Thursday Sister Doxey and I came back to our area. She is very intelligent (she studied Hebrew in college to better understand the old testament.) She also doesn't care what people think. At all. So this week we have done some pretty crazy things to find people to teach - we crashed a wedding reception and a large birthday party at a park. HAHA. IT HAS BEEN A BLAST! We met a man we shared a Book of Mormon with who said he has always believed that Jesus came to the Americas. He said, "I guess I have been Mormon my whole life and didn't even know it." YES, actually you have believed all this stuff since the pre-earth life, but we didn't point that out. 

Investigators on Date to be Baptized: The Gandy's are struggling with keeping commitments. Keep praying for them. 

Wrap up/spiritual thought: It has been the best four days of my life. (Everyone is used to me exaggerating by now, right?) Sister Doxey and I are VERY different, but it works well together. I really don't have any complaints. I think time should STOP right now, that would be amazing. 

I love you all! I have thought a lot about what it would be like to see the face of the Savior this week-and I realized that I do see his face, everyday. When I read the scriptures. When I bare testimony. When people see the atonement work in their life. When my companion serves me. When members give of their time and energy to help us out. EVERYDAY IS FULL OF MIRACLES. 

The church is true, I love you all!

Sister Jones

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