Saturday, June 6, 2015

Mar 16th- Another week bites the dust

My lovely Family,

I am going to try and shove everything that happened this week into this email.

We saw so many miracles! It is "dead week" in Corvallis, so everyone
is getting ready for finals. NO ONE WANTS TO TALK TO US. We were
getting kinda bummed (plus sister Crabb is having tailbone issues) but
we saw miracles none the less!

We were teaching a LA and she brought a Chinese friend, Sunny! We
ended up talking to her about prayer since Sunny doesn't believe in
God. The spirit was so strong, and the spirit practically yelled at
me, "ask her to pray!" I cannot even tell you the joy that I felt as
Sunny prayed to her Heavenly Father for the first time EVER. I felt
honored that I was able to be there for that experience.

There is another girl named Palmer we have been teaching. She also
doesn't believe in God. This Sunday, she just showed up at church..
And LOVED IT. she also told us about an experience she had with
prayer, and she believes that prayer works. This is a huge miracle
because she hadn't been progressing at all.. We were thinking of
dropping her! However, she moves to California at the end of this
week! Kind of a bummer!

We get doors slammed in our faces, we deal with sisters who are
packing their bags to go home, and we have issues with members!
However, all the struggles are worth in when you start to see someone
feel the spirit. I get to hear atheists pray! Who else gets to do
that? I have a little black name tag which allows me to have spiritual
experiences with strangers on the street! People I don't even know
confide in me and want to know how to feel God in their life. I LOVE
BEING A MISSIONARY, despite all of the challenges and set backs. God
wants me to grow.

I know the gospel is true, and I love it with my whole heart! I WANT
EVERYONE TO KNOW ABOUT IT! Sorry, we are on our iPads so it takes
longer to write. I wish I could tell you more, but keep Corvallis in
your prayers!

Sister Jones
We totally photo bombed this picture!

                                                                          Dinner with members...

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