Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June 23rd- My Week in a Nutshell


Howdy! Love you all! One month down, 17 to go...

So this week we went to see Gwen who is 11. She has the attention span of a goldfish. She also collects bugs (gross, but kinda cool) and has a legit skull collection (also gross, but kinda cool). She showed us her mouse skull, her coyote skull,... the list goes on and on. Before we left we asked if we could leave with a prayer. We then asked Gwen what she wanted us to pray for. Bad idea. She said, "Will you pray for my lizard? It is dead and has been decomposing for about a year now, and I really need it to decompose faster so that I can keep its skull." My one month of experience has not taught me how to tactfully pray for a decomposing lizard. So I straight up prayed that Gwen's lizard would decompose faster. I tried to keep my composure but then I could hear Sister Hamilton giggling... Then I lost it. It was totally irreverent and I feel super bad, but oh well. It was a struggle to finish that prayer, but it makes for good story right?

Also I went on exchanges which I was really nervous about... But it was great and I learned a lot! We played sports night with some of the youth, which no one told me, so I only had a pair of tight pants. (tight for missionary standard. I sleep in them. ) I was super embarrassed, but it was fun to play volleyball nonetheless. 
Exchanges with Sister Brookings

This week has been great!! It was full of so many miracles! It is amazing the way the Lord places people in your path that are ready to hear the gospel. We were walking the other day and someone yelled, "How many miles do you walk a day?" Bingo, perfect way to start talking to someone about the gospel! After telling them we walk about a zillion, they asked US about the Book of Mormon. What? After telling them all about it, one of the girls, Melissa, just started bawling. She asked, "Do you really mean it that God knows and loves me?" YES MELISSA WE MEAN IT. GOD KNOWS AND LOVES EVERYBODY!! It was amazing, and I am so excited to go and teach her!

We also taught this cute couple in their 50's who didn't disbelieve everything we told them which is a start. They are probably my favorite people, they are so easy and fun to talk to! 


Sister Jones

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