Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16th- Another Week Down!

Corinne with Sister Hamilton and President & Sister Young
Hey Family!! 

SO. This has been a great week!! First off, we have only ran into a couple bible bashers since being here. They are my FAVORITE PEOPLE. Not even kidding! I usually just start laughing hysterically because Sister Hamilton starts getting really upset and so do the people that are arguing religion with us. Whenever people get mad I laugh, which usually only aggravates the situation. I always want to go back and visit them. One of these "bible bashers" called me a persistent little... terd. I was really actually quite complimented. He did walk away with a Book of Mormon though, so whatever works I guess right? ;)

Blonde moment of the week.. We were vacuuming out our car and I set the vacuum on the grass. Then I turned the vacuum on and turned toward the car. I vaguely realized the vacuum was making weird noises. I turned back around and realized that I was accidentally vacuuming the front lawn. Oops. Poor vacuum.

We had so many miracles this week! We are teaching a man named Todd. He is really buff, an ex-marine, has a bunch of tattoos, but has a heart of gold. He told us he would come to church if we found his daughter, China. The only thing he knew is that China lives with a family named McWilliams. Challenge accepted! Sister Hamilton and I put on our top notch stalking hat and looked up McWilliams in the phone book. Good news, there are only three in all of our area. 

Off we headed on our adventure to find China! We started driving to myrtle point, which is about 15 minutes from coquille, since that is where their addresses were. As we were driving we realized the McWilliams lived clear out in the boonies, half an hour away form myrtle point. We were at a dilemma; we had an appointment in half an hour and we didn't really have enough car miles. Oh well, we drove on for Todd's sake. As we reached their house there was a giant "Private Property" sign. We also were pretty nervous that if we were so far out in the middle of no where, no one would hear our screams if something happened. The spirit told us to keep going, so we did. The first house we reached was abandoned. However, at the second house we met Stacey. Stacey is a super cute young mom who has foster kids, a couple kids of her own, is all ready driving out to church every Sunday, and has great faith. She knew China, but told us that China wasn't there but might be at her parents house. However, SHE SAID SHE WANTED TO LEARN ABOUT OUR CHURCH. Whaaa? That doesn't happen very often. We ran over to her parents house... WHO ALSO WANT TO LEARN ABOUT OUR CHURCH. They are the sweetest people, and are so ready to hear the gospel. We never should have ran into that family, I know that God was directing our paths. 

We still haven't found China, however, but Todd texted us and said, "I hear you are looking for my daughter. Even though she might not come, I think I am going to come anyway. LDS is like the Marine of the Faiths." HAHAHAHAHA that is quite the compliment coming from Todd :) 

Also, Mary Ann is getting baptized on June 28th. I don't know if I have told you guys about her? She is an amazing lady who quit smoking this week after 45 years!! This week we tracted into her son. That was another miracle. We got talking to him about religion and then asked if we could teach him sometime. After agreeing, we asked if we could leave with a prayer. We asked, "is there anyone we could pray for?" He answered, "My mother is exploring religion, could you pray for her? Her name is Mary Ann." WE FREAKED OUT!! We excitedly exclaimed, we are teaching Mary Ann! That was pretty crazy.

The work is about to explode in Coquille, I just know it! So many people are being prepared. This week I have started to understand what it means in D&C 122 when it says, "Fear not what man can do, for God shall be with you forever and ever." So often we fear man more than God; What will people think of me if I share the gospel with them? When we fear God, we share the gospel, because we know he will be with us forever and ever! I testify that God plays an active role not only in my life as a missionary, but everyone else's lives as well! 

Love you all!

Sister Jones

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