Sunday, June 8, 2014

First email-May 26th

My dearest Family and Friends,

BRING ME COUGH DROPS. When I first got here I had pressure in my head
behind my ears, but it wasn't a big deal. Slowly it turned into a pounding
head ache and a throat which hurts super bad! The book store is closed
since it is memorial day or else I would go and buy some. Other than that
minor setback I have been feeling great!

So I made it!! :) The MTC has been so amazing! When you walk in, the spirit
hits you like a brick wall! You can feel the power of the people here.
Don't get me wrong, these people are still people. The church must be true
since 18 year old boys are teaching the gospel! For example, the other day
Elder Coburn prayed, "Thank thee that we get to take a break from the
spirit." HAHAHA that was right before we played volleyball. Everyone is
just normal but they have power since they are acting in the name of
Christ. (Also, speaking of volleyball, I am better than half these Elders.
That should tell you how pitiful our volleyball games are." My companion is
Sister Clawson! (Remember how I went to the temple with a bunch of girls
that were going to Eugene? Well she was one of them! We started off
friends, and I seriously love her so much. She makes me LAUGH AND LAUGH AND
LAUGH, which is good, because without her I would probably be a mess.)

The first day that I was here everyone kept smiling and saying, "Welcome to
the MTC!!!" I kept asking my companion.. why in the world does everyone
know it is my first day? Do I have a giant arrow pointing at me that says
NEWBIE?? By the end of the day I figured out that I had an orange dot on my
name tag. No figure, I took that thing off REAL fast. That first day they
keep you super busy! Actually scratch that... everyday they keep you super
busy!! You don't have a lot of time to think about home, which is really
good. I have been learning ALOT. The second day we were here we taught our
first investigator, Jimmy. Sister Clawson and I were super excited, but
little did I know it would be a huge slap in the face. Jimmy was so MEAN! I
really wanted to kick him in the shin and then run away, but I realized
that is not something that the Savior would do. It was a really humbling
experience. I have a lot to learn! Since that first day we have improved a
lot, but we are still figuring so many things out!

I wouldn't be Sister Jones if I didn't do a couple blonde things every now
and then. I have a couple great stories!

*We are sitting in class* Oh look, I have a key ring. I insert thumbs into
key ring. Thumbs get stuck in key ring. Sister Clawson, help me! I really
can't get my thumbs out of my key ring! We then proceeded to laugh
ridiculously loud at how ridiculous that I am, and the whole class turned

Story number two. The teacher asked, "What is the end result of an apple
tree?" In a very sweet voice I exclaimed, "A cherry blossom." Everyone
busted up laughing at me! I wont even try and explain my train of thought.

The teachers teach a lot of things. (Who would have thought that?) But it
is amazing the things you learn when you let the spirit teach to you! We
have read 3 Nephi chapter (crap I can't remember the chapter) about a
billion times. In this chapter it talks about the mission of the Savior and
the Doctrine of Christ. As I went through this chapter, I realized that my
"missionary purpose" is almost word for word the same as Christ's. The
magnitude of my calling hit me. Although missionary work is going to me
hard, if I am yoked to the Savior I can't fail. That doesn't require him to
do all the pulling, but if we pull together, I will be able to figure these
things out.

I also have figured out why missionary work is so hard. You see these
people and are filled with the love that Christ has for them. You yearn to
teach them the truth, knowing it can fill the gaps in their lives. But
there is something standing in the way between the investigator and God,
and that is yourself as a missionary. I am an imperfect vessel who is
trying to show people the joy that the gospel can bring. I just need to
strive, like I said before, to teach with the Holy Ghost. He knows what
people need to hear, not me.

I love you all and am slowly figuring this all out!! :)

Sister Jones

P.s. So much has happened I could barely touch on all of it. Hopefully it
makes sense, just know I love and appreciate the support!

P.s.s. The first day we were here I got 6 dear elders! Almost all from
family!! It made my day, you have no idea how much they meant to me! MY
FAMILY IS SO AWESOME. Also, the MTC is like a giant BYU ward reunion. I
know so many people here, that also makes it easier!

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