Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 2nd

Why hello family and friends :)

This week has been AMAZING. Not because everything in the MTC is joyful and dandy, but because I have learned a lot! When I got to the MTC I looked up to the missionaries who had been here a week longer than me. They seemed so old and wise! I didn't think I was ever going to get to the point they were at! Then the new missionaries came in this week. As we were helping them teach I realized how much I have learned. I have a long way to go, but I have come a long was as well!

So I will start of by telling ya'll my awko taco moment of the week. Having gone to BYU, the MTC has turned into a giant BYU party. My entire single adult ward is here. Really. As I was talking to Sister Zimmbelman, a girl who lived in the apartment next door to me, her companion was looking at me with a blank expression. Sister Zimmbelman is headed to Africa and her companion is african american. I turned to her companion, not wanting her to be left out of the conversation, and asked, "Do you speak English?" SHE SPEAKS ENGLISH PEOPLE. She responded, "yes?" I FELT SO AWKWARD. I then made up a story about how I was talking to a girl for like five minutes who didn't speak English and only spoke Cambodian. After that I felt really guilty that I lied. SO I repented, and hopefully I will stop making inappropriate comments.

Sister Clawson and I are still having a blast! We get in trouble a lot for being loud, and one of our teachers is always lecturing us. Ooops. We really have been working on that! It is difficult to focus sometimes because we are the same person. We have so many weird quirks that are the exact same it is weird. For example, we both have to wear fuzzy socks to bed, we have a couple weird obsessions that are similar, and we both can't control our bladders (but no accidents since we have been here thankfully). Those are just a few.

Before I came out on a mission I would always get so annoyed at the fact that missionaries always talked about people they were teaching. Isn't that horrible? But having been out here the people I teach are the purpose of my mission! When teaching someone about the gospel you grow to love them, a lot! So I am going to tell you all about them :) We are teaching a girl named Michelle. She has so much faith, I just wish that she could see it. She always does whatever  we invite her to do. She is struggling understanding the book of Mormon, so we gave her a true to the faith. SHE READ THE WHOLE THING. She also always prays, but doesn't believe that she receives answers. I know that Heavenly Father talks to Michelle, and finally after meeting with her for four times, we helped her realize that! I can not explain the excitement I felt once it dawned on her that God does speak to her! Sadly I don't get to teach her anymore :( I just hope the next set of
missionaries can help her understand what she needs with all her Faith she has. We also had a really cool experience with a girl named Kenzie. She doesn't believe in God. After talking with her for a second she abruptly stated, "I need to go. Just open the Book of Mormon and share a little message with me. Actually, I will just open it and find one." She grabbed the Book of Mormon from my hands and opened up to Ether 12:4. It said something about how believing in God gives you a hope for a better world. THE SPIRIT IS AWESOME. It was so amazing to watch her countenance change. She sat there in deep thought, took a picture of the verse with her phone, and we were off! I found out that the next day some missionaries made some great progress with her; she told them she believes in God. The Holy Ghost helped her find her answer that day! Nothing that I say will EVER convert anybody to the gospel. It is the spirit that does all of the converting. As a
missionary, I am just here to help the investigator have inspiration from God.

I am terrified to head out to Oregon, but I know that Christ is there to meet His chosen flock. Christ helped many people while on the earth. He healed the sick, caused the blind to see. He was the salvation and hope for many people. He isn't here today, but somebody has to do His work. As missionaries we represent Christ. Christ has chosen many missionaries to heal the spiritually sick, help the spiritually blind to see. We are to, "feed his sheep!" As a person I am inadequate, imperfect, and unworthy, but with His help and the guidance of the spirit I will touch someone!


Sista Jones

p.s. I am going to be heading out to Oregon on Wednesday. I will be calling home sometime between 8 and 10:30. PLEASE ANSWER.

p.s.s. I am also sending you guys a letter today!

p.s.s.s. I really do love you all :)  

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