Sunday, July 13, 2014

June 30th- Duck Territory

"You are in duck territory now, so you better get out your quackers!" - random citizen in Coquille, Oregon. I have finally seen the rain!! It is kind of an adventure to be out walking around in the pouring rain for days straight! 

How I am going to fit everything which happened into one email this week I have no idea.

The week started off horrible. Jaylene, the first door I ever knocked on, dropped us on Tuesday! She had been progressing so fast and so well. She knows the church is true! Why doesn't someone stab my heart with a knife? ;) Just kidding, I am over it now! To top off that day, I forgot to wear deodorant. 

Then, the next day we found out that Sister Jennings (a less active member whose husband committed suicide in February who we have been working with. Might I add that she was just barely starting to come back to church and read her scriptures) was involved in a house fire. Her whole house exploded and two of her three grand kids which were staying with her passed away! My hear broke yet again, poor Sister Jennings. We knew that this traumatic thing had happened, but no one in the ward new where she was staying. Sister Hamilton had to go to the bathroom one day so we stopped by the church. We were just about to leave and Sister Jennings called! Might I add that normally we are never in the church on a weekday, and we were probably there for five minutes tops. She looked up the churches number since she had lost all her contacts. Even though this hard trial was placed in Sister Jenning's life, I know that God is still watching out for her. Given the circumstances, she is doing well. It says a lot that she is willing to real out to the church. 

THEN things went up from there! Mariah decided she wants to be baptized on July 26th!! WAHOO! She is eleven years old and has a built in fellowshipper since her grandma is a member. She is just the sweetest little thing, I love teaching her! Normally eleven year olds are super hard to work with, but Mariah cries when we teach her because she feels the spirit so strongly! 

THEN Marissa decided she wants to be baptized! Granted not until November 8th, because she has to wait until she is 18, but we are happy non the less. She was glowing just talking about it! Marissa is 17 years old.

THEN Carol Jones, an inactive member, cried. She bore her testimony to me. Come to church Carol, I know you know it is true. YOU TOLD ME. 

THEN Mary Ann was baptized!! Mary Ann is going to be a kingdom builder. She has always been 100% willing to do whatever God asks of her. She quite smoking after 40 years. She has almost read the entire book of mormon. She hasn't missed a Sunday at church since we started meeting with her. She is also one of my really good friends, and I hope always will be! After she was baptized she just bawled, and you could see the light radiating out of her. Mary Ann's faith never ceases to amaze me. The whole ward really pulled together for her baptism, and that is partly because everyone who meets her absolutely adores her! She is that type of person everyone wants to be around! 

THEN we went out to meet the Mcwilliams. We have met with Mike, the husband, before but never his wife. We finally met his wife and her heart is so open to the gospel. We read her Moroni 10:4-5 and she said, "So does that scripture say I need to study, ask god, and keep an open heart and open mind? This all makes sense. Of course we would need another book of scripture to back up the bible." WHAAAA? Just in case you don't know, people don't normally say that. 

I don't think I did any of these stories justice in this email, but it ended up being a very successful and amazing week. You can see the Lords hand in this work. He is preparing the hearts of men. The church is true!! 

Love you all,

Sister Jones

p.s. PresidentYoung has moved out and President Russell has moved in! I meet him Thursday, it should be exciting. 

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