Sunday, July 13, 2014

July 7th- Yet Another Week In the Life of a Missionary!

Jul 7 at 12:12 PM
How is it going friends and family??

Last Monday feels like an eternity ago! Maybe I always say that, but there are a lot of things that happen in a week :) My highlight of the week is when we were out tracting and the most adorable little golden retriever decided that it wanted to be our friend! It followed us from house to house for about an hour and a half. Normally I strongly dislike dogs, but I loved this one! If I was almost done with my mission I would have seriously considered taking it home with me! At ever door it would try and run into the persons house which is kind of an issue, but it gave us something great to talk about even if they weren't interested in the gospel! Note to self.. buy a cute golden retriever when I get home. 

Then we ate dinner at the Relief Society Presidents house! It is always an adventure going there.. her son bombarded us when we showed up and SOAKED us to the bone with a water gun. Awesome. It was kind of nice though since we had been walking in the burning sun all day! then we walked inside and Malachi, there seventeen year old daughter, made a giant display of kissing her boyfriend in front of us. AWKWARD. 

We have been trying to get a hold of a mom who just had a baby for WEEKS! We finally got a hold of her and she exclaimed, " I was hoping that you guys would stop by!!" She is amazing, but I think that I am more in love with her daughter Havanah! She has kissed me, punch me, shoved slobbery toys in my mouth, and about everything in between! 

We met our new mission President, President Russell this week. We were a little nervous to meet him, but him and his wife are some of the most fun loving people which I have ever met! I am excited to see what they bring to our mission. 

I see so many miracles every day, even though we had a little bit of a dead week, I still can see how he is actively playing a role in our missionary work.For example, you will get a little feeling to knock on a specific door, or say something during a lesson, or talk to someone that you normally wouldn't talk to! My eyes have been opened up to the misery and hopelessness that envelope the lives of so many people, and I know that it is through the gospel they can have that hope and peace in their lives. It is sad when people turn that away, but God has given us our agency to act for ourselves! 

Sister Hamilton decided to make it a goal this week to talk to every person which we saw about the gospel. We were by no means perfect, but it made missionary work so much more FUN! When you talk to people about the gospel you are showing God that you fear Him more than man. I don't know if I have shared that with you or not, but it is something which has really stuck out to me! Who cares what other people think? What matters is what God thinks of YOU! 
SO, while everyone was up late partying on the Fourth of July, I couldn't be more excited to go to bed! But Sister Hamilton and I wanted to have our own celebration! Since there isn't a whole lot to do on holidays, we decided to write in chalk around town different aspects of the gospel! It was  so much fun, and was a great way to break up our day!! Later that night we went and had dinner at my favorite family in the wards! 

I love you all! Have a great week!

Sister Jones

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