Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 21- My Mission Roller Coaster!

And another week bites the dust!! :)

The beginning of the week was a little bit difficult.. Last week I ranted about how much I love the Joneses? Well, they dropped us on Tuesday! I was so heartbroken, they had come so far! Plus, if I was allowed to have a favorite investigator, they probably would have been it! Luckily, Mckayla's (6 page double sided) letter came that day and was a perfect little pick me up!  Then Crystal, an investigator who was supposed to be baptized in two weeks, dropped us on Wednesday! Since then we have seen SO MANY MIRACLES. Satan works hard, but he can't stop this missionary work from progressing! Blonde hair, don't care! (But I actually have brownish blonde hair and I really do care about these people a lot).

Early morning workout. Isn't Oregon beautiful?

FUNNY STORY. We go and teach a less active who is crazy. She really is crazy, but she is one of my favorite people! We have a hard time teaching her since she is all over the place and could probably talk to us for an hour straight! Sister H and I play a game.. we pick a story from the Book of Mormon, make it has graphic as possible on a mission (since she loves murder mysteries), then have to somehow squeeze it into the conversation. This week we related the story of Nephi on the tower to CSI. Pretty entertaining. 

We also went to another investigators house. He has been dodging us, but don't worry, we are really persistent. Brandon's son, who is 9, answers the door. He says, "My dad isn't feeling good. And.. um... he kind of isn't wearing pants. Or anything really." UM WILL YOU ASK HIM WHEN HE IS GOING TO BE HOME WITHIN THE NEXT WEEK WEARING PANTS? His son didn't know. To be continued... 

A member gave us a carrot cake. We didn't have the car. We walked around the rest of the day with a giant cake. 

An investigators dog got out. We were chasing the dog down the street yelling, "DOG" because we couldn't remember its name. 

Moral of this section of my email: Weird things happen on missions. Then you just laugh about how ridiculous the whole situation is, move on, and share the gospel. 

This week we had a giant service project called, "Make a difference" Day! Members all up and down the coast pick an area and just do service! We spread gravel, built concessions stands, painted buildings, and cleared out trails. It is hard to miss 400 Mormons doing service! Sister Hamilton and I also got the privilege of working next to the mission presidents wife (I guess you could say we are best buds now ;) That was a fun brake in our week!

Every week I try and pick one investigator to tell you about, since it would be impossible to tell you about all of them! Sister Hamilton and I tracted into a young couple in their twenties named Joanna and Michael. They sat and talked to us for an hour and invited us to come back over for a barbecue the next day/to talk to them about the gospel! (we all ready had a dinner appointment, but we can't say no to an investigator. God blessed me with an elastic stomach that day since we went straight from one dinner to the next) Joanna and Michael are GREAT people. Joanna went to school to be a youth minister, and she loves the conviction and passion that people in the bible have about religion. I can't wait to tell her about Joseph Smith!!

There is a lot of heartache in the world, and what is so amazing about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is that it addresses EVERY issue in the world. Mckayla said something which I really liked in her letter, "Some people need angels, while others are meant to be their angels." God answers prays more often than not through other people! We all have opportunities to be someone's "angel" and be an answer to their prayer when we share the gospel! The church is true, and other people can't experience that happiness unless you share it!

Love you all!
Sister Jones

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