Thursday, December 4, 2014

Nov 24th- K-Falls. Miracle Pit. (2)

Family, Friends, Siblings, and all ya'll,

SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED THIS WEEK. I want you to know up front that I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY and am in REALLY GOOD SPIRITS despite everything that has happened :) I just don't want mom to worry about me, so I am saying that up front. 

MY NEW COMPANION: If God were to make a clone of me, keep the height but click the opposite button, you would have Sister Carter. It works out well because one of our personalities clicks with basically every single person which we meet. We have all ready discussed how opposite we are and laugh about it, but here are a couple of examples. I love pink. She loves black. The ward says, "The new missionary is a bubbly one!" Sister Carter suffers from depression. I have one idea of what it means to be obedient, she has a completely opposite idea. Around 6:29 every morning I am yanking her out of bed kicking and screaming :) She cracks me up! There is a lot which I have to learn from her! 

 Our pizza we made!

MY NEW AREA: Klamath Falls 3rd ward, here comes Sister Jones. The white and blonde Sister Jones. I took the place of the only other Sister Jones in the mission, who was black. It is pretty funny because I will introduce myself to people as Sister Jones and little kids get so confused and so, "No you aren't." HAHAHAHA. Plus it doesn't help that I lost all of my name tags... so mine is a little make shift name tag. Don't worry, I ordered a new one. Anyway, I came into this area and it is a DISASTER. The areabook is basically non-existent, Sister Carter has been here for a transfer and hasn't meant BASICALLY all of the investigators, and the missionaries in the past had burned a lot of bridges which need to be repaired. I came into the area and said, "Sister Carter, are you ready to find, teach, and baptize?" That is what I plan on doing. Under God's direction of course :) We spent the first half of the week cleaning everything up. Then I was out of the missionary force on Friday (tell you about that in a second), and we worked SO HARD to find on Saturday and Sunday. By the end of the week, we had found more new investigators than they had THE ENTIRE LAST TRANSFER. We also met with a lot of LA's, and Sister Carter kept saying, "That is the best lesson we have ever had with them!" I was a little confused since we basically just asked a couple of questions to figure out where they were with the gospel, but I  just kept saying, "It's all because of the faith of my family. They pray and fast for me a lot." SO THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR PRAYERS. KLAMATH FALLS= MIRACLE PIT. It also has started snowing and our heater was broken, so our apartment had been around 40 degrees! But it got fixed Saturday, I am forever thankful for heat!
Here is us studying by our little heater.
So Thursday night I went to bed and my stomach hurt a little bit. I didn't think anything of it. The next morning, it kept getting progressively worse through studies. Then we went to district meeting, and I could hardly sit still. We are serving around a lot of missionaries, which is different from Coquille but a lot of fun, and they all wanted to go out to lunch for burgers. Granted, I did not feel like a burger, but you go where your companion goes :) I ate this giant burger and we headed out to do missionary work. About 15 minutes after lunch my stomach felt like it was eating itself. Sister Carter made me call the mission nurse and she said, "you have the stomach flu. Whatever you do, DON'T EAT ANYTHING." oops. had a burger. So long story short, I spent Friday throwing up and curled up in a little ball! Food has looked disgusting to me ever since Friday, but I am forcing myself to eat enough to stay alive :) 
We really have seen so many miracles over the last week. We have found a couple new 'gators and a lot of solid potentials! On Sunday in Relief Society we had a lesson on Elder Uchdorf's talk, "Being Grateful in Every Circumstance." It was a huge answer to my prayers. People go through HARD THINGS in life. I have seen a lot of tough situations on my mission. But what is amazing is that we really do have the capacity to be grateful, not matter what. This is such a good season for that! God has commanded us to be grateful, and not just during the easy times. In 3rd Nephi 10:10 it talks about how there is mourning, weeping, and wailing, but that did cease and people turned to PRAISE and GIVE THANKS to the LORD our REDEEMER. Because of Christ we will live again! We can be redeemed! We can have hope! We can feel peace! That alone is enough to be grateful for. I am grateful for my mission, good and bad, the people which I have met! I am grateful for Christ and the atoning sacrifice which he made for all of us! I am grateful for my sweet family and friends who have helped shaped me into the person which I am today!
I am also really thankful for heat.


Sister Jones

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