Thursday, December 4, 2014


Dear Family,
It has been a long and exhausting day, but I made it to Klamath Falls! Klamath has basically the same weather as utah... so it is going to be in the negatives and really really SNOWY. I will have a white christmas at least right? Remember the blubbering mess I was the day before I left on my mission? Well, I was the same blubbering mess last night after saying goodbye to everyone in Coquille. I AM TEARING UP JUST THINKING ABOUT IT. But I am looking forward to new adventures!

IT WAS THE MOST AMAZING LAST WEEK IN COQUILLE EVER. Which made it even harder to leave! We spoke at church on Sunday, and I basically got up and bawled for ten minutes! A couple people in the ward told me I made them cry as well, so I think they understood what I was saying for the most part. That or they felt so bad I was embarrassing myself ;) But the man who spoke after me talked about how for his job he helps people get in shape. When he wants someone to grow and get in shape the fastest, he makes them work until they physically can't lift weights any longer. When they can't lift the weights any longer he will "spot" them, and they will keep working until he is bearing most of the weight. He compared this analogy to God-he wants us to grow the most. So he gives us a load, we carry it until we CANNOT carry it by ourselves anymore, then instead of taking the load, he helps us to bear it. It was a very inspiring talk which helped me realize that we are suppose to have loads laid on our backs!! 
A lot of AMAZING things happened this week... but I am going to focus on one! We had been doing service with Suzanne. I don't know if I ever told you about her, but a couple weeks ago she started asking us about the BoM. We answered her questions. the next week she asked if she could have one. I guess. The next week she said, "I know you are busy, but could you squeeze me in sometime?" This week we went and taught her one of the most spiritual lessons I have had on my entire mission. We were planning on teaching the Restoration, but the spirit whispered, "plan of salvation." It was exactly what she needed. by the end of the lesson Suzanne, sister jones, sister vance, and the member were all bawling! Her heart has been prepared to receive the gospel! I know I was sent to Coquille to bring the gospel to Suzanne! 
I never want to leave an area ever again.. but it is a little bit of a miracle I am going to Klamath. Kersha's long lost brother lives here, and I am going to find him :) sorry I don't have a lot of time, but I had a piece of chocolate cake and a veggie burger for breakfast, and it is time for food :) :) :) 


Sister Jones

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