Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dec 1st- I know they said lock your heart, but...

My Lovely Family!!!

I don't have a lot of time to write today! But it has been a crazy week!

Thanksgiving was so much fun. We played a lot of sports, I was so sore
the next morning! We played sports, weekly planned, had thanksgiving
dinner with the ward mission leader, and hung out with the sisters. I
love you all a lot, but I wasn't homesick. Sorry of that offends
anyone ;)

The sisters in mah zone. They are the funniest! (Notice how my name
tag still looks ridiculous?) also, this is my apartment!

I will tell you a quick miracle! So there is a 12 year old boy named
James we are teaching which is the most adorable little thing! He
reminds me a lot of Braydon. If I wasn't a sister missionary I
wouldn't stop hugging the cute kid! His mom is less active and doesn't
plan on coming back soon, but will help us teach her son. He READS THE
that? Sister jones didn't when she was twelve... We asked him if he
wanted a children's Book of Mormon and he said,"No... I like this one
right here." He wants to come to church really bad but his momma won't
let him because she said they need to go back together. He said, "you
better wake up for church tomorrow mom." I promised him that if they
came to church I would change my talk I had prepared and speak on
whatever they wanted me to! :) they didn't come, but I think James is
he most adorable little thing.

I know they tell us to lock our heart, but... I love all the people of
Oregon!! For instance, little James! My heart aches and yearns for
these people to learn about the gospel! We are still working hard to
find people to teach and turn the area around! I am still praying
daily for how to best help sister carter! I push her to be a more
obedient missionary, which she doesn't always take super well.... Oh
well :D

The church is true!! Mwa love you all!

Sister Jones

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