Saturday, December 13, 2014

Dec 8-Testimony Reconfirmed


Funny story of the week: on Sunday sister Carter and I could not find
the keys ANYWHERE. We literally were ripping the house apart trying to
find them. We needed to go to church so we decided we would walk to
church, lock the door, then break in after church and find he keys. We
walked outside and guess what we're still sitting in the lock on the
outside of the house? That is right, the keys :) Glad that the car
didn't get stolen.. Or that anyone broke into the house...

The beginning of the week was rough, our one semi-solid investigator
dropped us :) haha but then we had a miracle packed day on Saturday!
We found some new investigators and taught the majority of our
lessons! Our area is starting to progress and sister Carter and I love
each other :) I have no complaints!

It is amazing how God puts you where you need to be. This week sister
Carter and I had a feeling to go to the church and we weren't sure
why... But away we went, and a sweet old lady showed up and asked for
sister missionaries! It was such a testimony to me that God is aware
of us!

This week we got to go to the temple! Amazing! It was such a special
experience to go and sit in the house of the lord! I had a lot of
questions answered in the celestial room. I know the gospel is true
with all my heart,but occasionally I ask again so that I know what it
is that my investigators are going through. A flood of memories
flashed into my mind.. Countless nights reading my scriptures and
feeling gods love, the overwhelming spirit of peace I feel as I
recount Joseph Smiths first vision, the knowledge which came to be as
President Monson spoke that he is God's messenger, and countless other
testimony meetings. I want you to know that I know AGAIN this is
Christ's church. I LOVE THE GOSPEL.


Sorry these aren't super detailed, we aren't allowed to use the
computers anymore and it takes a lot more time to type on the iPad!


Sister jones

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