Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sept 8th- Another day in Paradise!


I can't figure out how to send group emails via iPad! Yes, I have had
an iPad my whole mission... It is probably my best friend. Next to all
of you of course. :)

CRAZY WEEK. hahaha. So since I am the senior companion I get to drive
the car.. (Scary music in the background) we have a tiwi which tracts
EVERYTHING we do, it sounds a little bit like the things which all of
you have! So far since driving, (keep in mind it has been a week and a
half) I have 1. Forgotten to lock the car multiple times. We aren't in
Morgan anymore. 2.left ALL of the windows completely rolled down 3. I
left the light on all night 4. Tiwi gave me an aggressive driving! I
was just going over a speed bump.. We are only allowed to get three
total our ENTIRE mission. 5. For the biggest adventure of the week..
Refer to the story below.

Last Monday was a glorious pday! We got everything done we needed to
then headed over to some members house for dinner. They gave us some
little flashlights to carry around with us since it is getting dark
earlier. We eat dinner, then leave to go and see a couple of people. I
lock the car, close the door, and start walking. Miracle #1 of the
night, I checked to see if I had the keys. I didn't, the keys were
sitting safely on the front seat of the car. (People always talk about
how silly sisters are... For the first time on my mission, I was THOSE
sisters.) we called the mission leader, the zone leaders, and then
finally the senior couple who is in charge of the cars. (Miracle #2.
sometimes they aren't the happiest of campers since missionaries do
silly things. Luckily a couple days previous I had gotten on their
good side.) miracle #3 when the lock smith finally came, it was dark.
He couldn't see what he needed to in order to get into our car. WE
BOTH HAD FLASHLIGHTS! So we safely broke into the car and were able to
drive home. We rolled into our driveway at exactly nine o clock.

It was a really good week! We taught a lot of new investigators! No
one came to church, but there is a lot of potential in this area! We
are working hard to help people progress :) earlier this week we had
stopped by a former investigators house to check on her. Last transfer
sis. Hamilton had a feeling we should stop by and the lady was just
about to have her baby. Anyway, we stopped by since she has had her
baby to talk with her and she said," I really need to be taking lessons
from the missionaries again!" (Her husband was the one who made them
stop taking lessons about a year ago. Miracle, he is in jail.) we
taught her the restoration and the spirit was so strong! Stephanie
cried and cried! It was one of my most spiritual lessons on my mission

Being a trainer is stressful, but I am relying on God! Neither of us
really know what we are doing most if the time, but we are figuring it
out! My comp has been struggling with homesickness, and I try to my
sympathetic because I remember how she feels! Everything about
missionary work is weird and awkward (we knock on strangers doors and
rejoice when they let us inside) but after a while you learn to roll
with the punches! I love being a missionary so much, this is such a
great work! (I can't really remember what else happened this week
because I forgot to bring my journal.) I can feel all of your prayers,
I really appreciate that you are praying and fasting for me! It gives
me a lot of strength!

Love you all,

Sister Jones

P.S. So this turtle.. one time I thought that it was real. I had to take a picture next to it since it is most definitely not real! Everyone always teases me about it :)

P.S.S. Our email time is cut short today, I only read the emails from
the three of you and then Wrote this email! Today I don't have time to
write you all back individually but I want to! I love you all and
laugh and cry when I read your emails, keep up the great work! Love
you all.

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