Monday, September 29, 2014

Sept 22- Almost Went to Jail


This week has been very... interesting. 

The beginning of the week was fantastic! We were teaching Stephanie and her daughter Emily the rest of the Restoration. At the end of the lesson, we asked the usual question... "Will you read the book of Mormon and pray to know that it is true?" Stephanie responded.. "Well, here is the thing about that." (What do you mean? My stomach dropped in my stomach.. not after we had such a spiritual lesson on the atonement! I was waiting in anticipation..) She nonchalantly replied, "I have all ready read the book of Mormon and know that it is true." (Spiritual fist bump) Her and her daughter accepted a date to be baptized in November :) This just goes to show that the Lord is preparing the hearts of his people. 

Then, Wednesday, Sister Vance and I were planning on talking to a couple people about progressing toward the temple. We showed up at BOTH of their houses and they BOTH told US they have a goal to make it to the temple. 

We found another GOLDEN investigator. Holly also knows that the church is true. (Where have all these people been the first three months of my mission? ;)

Anyway, moral of the story, there are a lot of miracles taking place in Coquille! So many people that Sister Hamilton and I had been trying to teach are finally agreeing to meet with us. Sister Vance is a miracle worker! :)

Then, on Friday, I get a phone call. Joanna, one of my FAVORITE investigators, calls to tell me that her husband, Michael, wanted to ask us a favor. We show up at her house and she tells us that Michael is in jail and has requested us to come and visit him. He is allowed to see "clergy" and we counted as clergy. Um.. I had no idea if we were allowed to visit people in jail or not. We called the AP's and they said that I could go see him if I brought a member, and sister Vance would have to go on a split with someone else. We made all the arrangements, called the jail, and then president called! He didn't think it was a very good idea for us to go and talk to someone in a room full of convicts. Don't blame him! But that is the story about how I almost got to go to jail! :) :) :) It is really depressing when your investigators go to jail. Especially when they are progressing. Bummer. Michael also used to make us really great prime rib steak and shrimp. 

Mindy, (our investigator who is on date) has a slipped disc in her back, but she still came to church. Wow. I was really impressed with her commitment! She has such a sincere heart. I said, "Mindy! I am so impressed that you still came to church with your back problems!" She said, "Girl, I have tried everything else to fix my life. This church is the last shot that I have." HAHAHA if you knew Mindy you would be laughing at that comment! 

There are so many good things happening in Coquille. I have grown to love the ward and the people. Coquille is so small that you get to know almost the entire town! It is amazing to watch people take steps of faith, and to watch the blessings start to flow into their life. Sometimes a blessing isn't a bigger house, better conditions, or greater income. These blessings come in the form of HAPPINESS, KNOWLEDGE, AND HOPE. I promise that as we follow the Lords plan, he WILL hold up is end of the deal, and everything will be worth it! 

The gospel is true. 

Sister Jones

p.s. Sounds like everyone had fun at the Ogden temple dedication! :) I am so jealous, I can't wait to see it all finished! 

p.s.s. Gabriella, you should read your homework assignments without being asked by mom! 

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