Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Oct 6- Have a problem? LISTEN TO THE PROPHET.

HAPPY OCTOBER EVERYBODY!! We got transfer calls and I am staying in Coquille with Sister Vance! WOOT WOOT! Coquille is my home away from home, and I never ever want to leave! 

Kersha is still AWESOME. She alone makes everything worth it! In the past as she has met with missionaries she has had an issue with tithing. This week she responded, "I was thinking about it... and actually tithing isn't that big of a deal." She wants us to make a list of all the things she needs to start working towards in order to be baptized :D She cracks me up! 
Tell Aunt Cheryl that banana slugs are definitely real!!!

This week we had a hilarious lesson with a less active. We showed up and the entire house was in upheaval... She was swearing at her kids, and everyone was screaming. I went into "fix the situation" mode and made everyone in the house sit down. Kim instantly started telling me about everything which was going on and I stopped her and said, "Tell me something postive." She replied, "I can't think of anything positive." As she was telling us her stories Sister Vance and I started pointing out positives and yelling, "DING DING! THERE IS A POSITIVE!" We started twisting EVERYTHING into something positive and everyone in the house started laughing at us! By the end of the lesson everyone was on good terms and the spirit was back into the house. It was a really cool experience to watch how drastically people can change once we accept and listen to the Holy Ghost! 

Conference was seriously the best thing ever. Sister Vance and I were SO EXCITED Saturday morning.. you would have thought it was Christmas. Really though, I think that conference on a mission is the same thing as Christmas back home! Sister Vance and I were convinced that President Monson had something SUPER HUGE to tell us since everyone was talking about "listening to the prophet," but I was pleasantly surprised by his message that we all just need to live "Christ-like lives." That is the answer to this crazy turmoil of a life! 

My favorite talk was in the Saturday morning session when they talked about, "Which way do you face?" Our mission president has challenged us to study 10 of the Saviors miracles before December which has been a really amazing experience for me. Something which stuck out to me while I was studying reiterated this point. Throughout Christ's ministry he would always say, "Tell no man" after performing a miracle.  During the height of the Saviors fame, there was a group of people were going to force Jesus to be their king. The Savior ran away into the woods. (Let me confess a sin... if a group of people wanted to make me Queen, I probably wouldn't run away.) Christ wasn't looking at gaining worldly fame, he did EVERYTHING to appease the Father! He never, ever, did ANYTHING to glorify himself. If everything we did was ALWAYS to please God, a lot of the problems in our life would vanish. Are we facing the world, or are we facing God?

I love this gospel! I love being a missionary! I love you all :)

Sister Jones

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