Saturday, August 30, 2014

Aug. 4th- Mariah's Baptism

MARIAH WAS BAPTIZED THIS WEEK! I consider her a little sister :) She is painfully shy, and will really only talk to me and Sister Hamilton! Love her so much and I am so proud of her! Her baptism went really smooth. She was super nervous that she would have to get baptized twice... which she almost had to because her feet came up. They didn't make her do it again though! Her grandpa, who baptized her, was just baptized in January. Her grandma was baptized when she was super young and hasn't been active since, but was just recently reactivated. They are my favorite people and are on FIRE with the gospel!

A couple months ago I told you about a miracle we had running into a 3 generation family in the middle of nowhere who are so prepared to hear the gospel! Well, last Monday we had the opportunity to teach Tanya, the 50 year old grandma, the first lesson! She is GOLDEN! Her husband, MIKE (just like everyone else in coquille) has Alzheimer's. He always remembers Sister H and I though and introduces us as, "My girlfriends are here!" He asked if he could go and get baptized in the river. He must be really in tune with the spirit. No quite yet mike, but soon!

Everyone pray for Mary Ann! She got baptized last month and has started smoking again. She told us and BAWLED. She is so frustrated with herself and feels horrible. PMG says that it is normal for people to relapse, so I take comfort in that thought. :D 

A dog pooped on me at Mariah's. OK, it was just wet mud that looked like poop. BUT I did have to walk around with it on my skirt for the rest of the day. 

The other day we were driving down a giant hill, and I remember thinking.. there is no where we are going to be able to drive back up that hill. I was right. Our car skidded out of control and we LOST TRACTION. My life flashed before my eyes. (Don't worry, we survived. Also, it probably wasn't wasn't as dramatic as I make it sound.)

It is amazing to me the way that the Lord has a hand in the missionary work! The other day we were walking down the street and had a thought to turn around. We ran into a boy named Kevin who the elders have been looking for for weeks.We set up a dinner appointment with a LA family who has been dodging missionaries for MONTHS! The other day we brought our scriptures to a lesson which fell through.. but then last minute we went to a LA ladies house who let us in, and we happened to have our hard set of scriptures for her lesson (when we walk around we normally just use the scriptures on our IPAD) This LA happened to have just hired a potential investigator who we have been trying to get a hold of for months. We went to the potential's house to tell her this and she let us in FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. And gave us popsicles. (SCORE!) One time we were driving through town and randomly thought.. lets go and see Kim! It happened to be RIGHT during a time when she needed help desperately. Because we stopped by her house when she needed it, she bore her testimony for the first time in sacrament since becoming a member three years ago! It was the purest, simplest, most beautiful testimony I have ever heard!  I have started to notice all these tender mercies everyday! They are little whispers from a loving Heavenly Father that he loves and is aware of us! I know that we all have instances like this in our lives everyday if we look for them. 


Sister Jones

p.s. MOM AND DAD! Elder White, a missionary in Coquille, went on exchanges the other day and ran into Roy Avery's dad! Small world :)

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