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Do you want to know what is CRAZY? When we teach the gospel the day goes so much better. Crazy right? Who knew that was the secret! Some days NO ONE will listen to you, then other days EVERYONE wants to talk to you. This week was significantly better than last week in the fact that we talked to a lot more people about the gospel!

We also had some fun experiences this week! Our favorite investigators, Michael and Joanna, got married this week! We wrote them a "wedding toast" on a piece of paper that we cut out to look like a piece of toast. #WHYAREWESOFUNNY???? 

Also, one night I was showing Sister H my circumvallate papillae (that is a type of taste bud on your tongue) and I accidentally licked the sick nasty counter. Gross. Thought you would want to know that since it is such an inspiring little story :) Share the gospel? 

Last random story. There is a ward missionary in our ward whose son is about to go on a mission. We stopped by their house and were talking to the family. The son hasn't been coming to church, and he whined, "I have worked everyday last week." I said, "Oh ya? I work everyday from 10-9." He then said, "I fight forest fires." Then I replied, "I FIGHT SATAN." Their whole family started cracking up over that one. 

THEN... WE TAUGHT SISTER MCLEOD. Things perked up after this point in the week!
She left the church when she was 14 years old, and let me tell you she left with a BANG! She also has read every anti-mormon literature that is physically possible to get a hold of! She also asked to get her name removed at one point. Missionaries have been going over there forever, but she is really hard to teach! Anyway, one day she said, "it just hit me that I don't know what you teach to new investigators." WELL LET US TEACH YOU SILLY GOOSE! So we taught her the restoration! She paid really close attention! She kept commenting, "I believe that.. makes sense.. i believe that..." Finally I practically screamed, "Sister McLeod! That is a testimony!!" She bashfully replied, "I know." She is going to pay her tithing and read her scriptures. This is huge! She came to church and told us,"I don't want to leave because all my friends are here."

Intimidating marine man finally read Alma Ch. 36! He texted us his favorite scripture verse!

I went and saw a less active this week.He told me that he doesn't come to church because he doesn't fit into his pants. His suit jacket is too hot. He can't handle a white shirt. His wife then told us that she wont buy him new pants, he has to lose the weight in order to fit into the pants he has now. (ARE YOU KIDDING ME?) I got so frustrated with Brother Hyde I almost started crying! Eventually we just said, "YOU WILL COME TO CHURCH. SEE YOU SUNDAY." He came to church.

We taught Mindy. She was drunk.But don't let that fool you! Guess who came to church? We haven't had an investigator to church in weeks, but Mindy came! She has been an alcoholic for five years, yet she told us she has been sober for four days. Her husband told her he was proud of her for the first time in years! Her daughter started talking to her again! She all ready can see the blessing flowing into her life that come from living the gospel :) She was shaking before church started she was so nervous to be there, but she told us she was coming back next week!

Mary Ann has been smoke free for over 24 hours!

We gave talks in sacrament meeting and they went great! 

We got two new investigators! 

Here is the thing. God gives us SO MANY miracles in our lives. His hand is an active participant in our missionary work. I fully believe that we saw so many miracles this week because of the prayers of our family! As a missionary, you can do everything right, but success doesn't come because of anything that I do, it all comes because of the Savior. One day we will stand before God and it isn't going to be about what we DID or DIDN'T do in our lifetime, but it will be about what the Savior did for us to make up the difference. Because the Savior suffered for us, we will be granted celestial glory!

I also have a testimony of the "least likely." We didn't expect to see the people who progressed this week progress. It just goes to show that only God can see the thoughts and intents of someone else's heart. 

Love you all!

Sister Jones

p.s.(Also, we handed out a Book of Mormon to a man who said something about Mexico invading and Israel being taken over? huh. No one has mentioned that. Needless to say the gospel will bring peace right?)

p.s.s. We have transfers next week. I am having anxiety because I know that Sister H and I are probably gong to be split up! AAAAH! 

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