Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Dec. 29th- I AM DREAMING OF A... Christmas in paradise.


It is finally snowing! A couple of days late, but everything is white
nonetheless. We are also out of miles (for the car) so we will get to
enjoy this lovely time of year :)

I am super almost out of time, but here we go.

Handing out free hot chocolate on Christmas Eve...

Christmas was wonderful! I loved talking to me sweet little family! We
got to watch Frozen, play games, eat LOTS AND LOTS OF FOOD, and then
go to bed early! (I honestly never thought i would be so excited to go
to bed at nine) we had a white elephant gift exchange, and the elder
who got my giant box of hair was SO MAD. I told him that it contained
the hair of everyone I love (investigators and recent converts) but
for some reason he still didn't like it. Hmm. Weird.

We also had so many miracles his week! Our Saturday was PACKED, and we
taught basically all of our lessons for the entire week :) we met with
a new gator, Ray. He has been very prepared! He is a nice old man who
is going to make a wonderful member! This area is starting to
progress, slowly but surely. I actually just found out that they split
the area when sister Carter got here, and so we basically opened the
area! (Also, sister Carter and I are both staying here for another

Exciting lesson of the week: pass the putty. I went on exchanges with
sister Stover and we taught eight little children. We did this by
passing this silly putty around, and if the children's hymns stopped
on you, we asked a gospel related question. I.e. How do we pray?

I am so excited for the new year, basically the entire year I am going
to be serving the people of Oregon! We get to start OVER, and just
like Lots wife we should never look back! Jesus has told his
disciples, "once you put your shoulder to the plough, don't look
back." This work is never finished! Everyday we need to work harder,
and never look back to the past. Faith is ALWAYS directed to the
future! It is my prayer that we can ALL continually be bettering

I LOVE THE GOSPEL. Thanks for the sacrifices made on your part
allowing me to be out here!

Sister Jonesy

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